toshiba-regza-timeon[CEATEC 2013] Toshiba has ventured into interesting territory with their “TimeOn” REGZA cloud service which will definitely affect the way you watch TV from now on. I guess this is the next step from where DVRs have brought the TV viewing experience to the next level. Basically, the “TimeOn” cloud service will be able to offer different services for cloud-based TVs by hooking up viewers with the relevant content, while making the entire experience a more interactive one.

For instance, you are able to search for keywords such as a particular actor, and the TimeOn service will look through its list of metadata tags and pull out all programs that have the relevant keyword, so that you can watch those snippets – right down to the exact second, of that particular actor or celebrity. This basically allows one to enjoy interesting programs whenever they wish, and with so many channels being made available to the consumer these days, zeroing in on what you want to watch will go a great deal in saving you time and effort.

In addition, there will also be a Twitter feed that carries that particular channel’s hashtag shown on the right hand side of the screen, where you are able to check out what other folks are saying about that particular program. In a nutshell, you can also add in your own two cents’ worth, and see whether others agree with you or not. When asked, the folks at Toshiba said that the content of the Twitter feed are bound to Twitter’s terms and conditions, which means no censorship will be done on Toshiba’s part for the content, and there are no parental controls, so hopefully no one posts anything distasteful or offensive when your little ones are watching their favorite anime!

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