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Mobile Gaming In China Expected To Overtake The US
While in-app purchases are one way for developers to make extra money, perhaps targeting the Chinese market could be another way as well. According to a report from industry analyst firm, Superdata, they are expecting that China will soon overtake the US in terms of their mobile gaming market.Superdata predicts that China’s mobile gaming market will reach $3 billion in spending this year alone, and is showing “tremendous growth”, versus […]

Report Claims Only 1 Million Windows Phone Devices Sold In The US In 2012
With the launch of Windows Phone 8 and its accompanying devices like the HTC 8X and the Nokia Lumia 920, we have heard and read reports that the devices are doing pretty well for themselves, but is this truly the case? According to a new report by mobile analysts, Chetan Sarma, they claim that as far as the US market is concerned, only 1 million Windows Phone devices were sold […]

Report: Interest In Blackberry Devices Surges While iPhone Declines
So we’ve heard reports about Blackberry 10 devices breaking records, and if you were still skeptical, the latest YouGov report on smartphone brand perception might change your mind. According to the report, it has been suggested that interest in Blackberry devices has seen a pretty impressive surge over the last six months, starting from the spring of 2012. The data revealed that interest in Blackberry has risen from 18% to […]

Mac OS X Lion adoption seems to have plateaued according to report
Apple’s Mac OS X Lion was launched some time in the middle of the year and was met with both praise and criticism, much like everything else in life. However it appears that in this case, the critics may have been on to something as web as publisher Chitika has released data about Mac OS X Lion which is short of troubling.


Sony Ericsson Q3 2011 results
Sony Ericsson has just unveiled its sales report for Q3 this year, and it looks like the cellphone making duo is doing pretty well for itself. The company managed to ship out 9.5 million handsets last quarter – a 25% increase over Q2’s 7.6 million units shipped. While it hasn’t shipped as many units as it did back in Q3 2010, this is because of the decline in feature shipments, […]

Are Android phones really that hard to use?
Some results of the latest research from ClickFox, an analytics company, show that most Americans find Android and BlackBerry phones difficult to operate. ClickFox recently did some research on smartphone service costs and transfer rates, and it turns out that a lot of customer service representatives are usually on the phone talking about Android and BlackBerry phones. Apple’s iPhone clocked in the least agent calls and repeat agent calls within […]

Radio Shack rumored to cut iPhone prices tomorrow
While we still don’t know when the next iPhone is arriving, there are certainly plenty of rumors going around about the phone arriving in a couple of months. And the latest reports about a price cut for happening at the Radio Shack aren’t doing anything to help dispel rumors. The folks over at Engadget were recently told by some tipsters that the Shack will be cutting the price of the […]

BBC develops iOS app for mobile reporting
It looks like the iPad and the iPhone got a lot more important to BBC reporters. According to a report by, BBC will be releasing an app that will allow its reporters to send reports in from the field over 3G – using their iOS devices. The app, that should be available within a month will be the opposite of the app it currently offers now (BBC iPlayer).While consumers […]

Alienware M14X details leaked
The Alienware M14x that was rumored about earlier this week might turn out to be the real deal after all. Chinese tech site,, posted a full review of the laptop alleged to be the M14x online, and provided some clear snapshots to go along with the details of the computer. According to the report, the Alienware M14x features an Intel Core i7-2820QM Sandy Bridge processor, 8GB of RAM, NVIDIA […]

Microsoft: Zune's not dead
Yesterday we wrote about a report stating the death of the Zune music player. Turns out it was just a rumor, and Zune is here to stay. According to an announcement from Dave McLauchlan, head of business development for the Zune platform, Zune isn’t going anywhere. While it’s true that they haven’t announced a new Zune player for quite some time now, they’ve decided to focus on pushing out the […]

Which Smartphone Fails the Most? The Answers May or May Not Surprise You.
According to a recent study by SquareTrade, iPhones and Android devices are the least likely to malfunction while BlackBerry may be most resilient to our clumsy hands. The report notes that most smartphone manufacturing problems of the past two years seem to have been resolved, with Research in Motion, Apple, and Android makers (HTC, Motorola, Samsung, LG and others) have 60% less malfunctions than two years prior. The report notes […]

Sony Ericsson Ships 28% Less Handsets
Sony Ericsson has some rather mixed fortunes at the moment, based on the first quarter results that have been just Sony Ericsson has some rather mixed fortunes at the moment, based on the first quarter results that have been just published by the company. The company sold 28% fewer handsets in Q1 of 2010 than the same time last year, but the good news is that it managed to generate […]