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Some results of the latest research from ClickFox, an analytics company, show that most Americans find Android and BlackBerry phones difficult to operate. ClickFox recently did some research on smartphone service costs and transfer rates, and it turns out that a lot of customer service representatives are usually on the phone talking about Android and BlackBerry phones. Apple’s iPhone clocked in the least agent calls and repeat agent calls within 24 hours. Apparently these calls are costing companies to lose revenue as well, with each call costing about $4 per customer. And according to their findings, 76.7% of phone calls are more likely to transfer because of Android handset related questions when compared to BlackBerry and iOS.

Judging by the results it’s easy to assume that Android devices are difficult to use, hence the large number of phone calls being made to handle questions about the phone. While it’s true that Android isn’t exactly the most intuitive user interface around, could the results of the survey also be inaccurate?

After all, iOS phones are only available on two carriers, while BlackBerry and Android phones are available on many more carriers in the US. Android phones also make up for over 40% of the US smartphone share, which by default means a lot more calls from Android users. What do you think about the situation? Are Android/BlackBerry devices that difficult to use? Read the full ClickFox report.

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