BBC iPlayerIt looks like the iPad and the iPhone got a lot more important to BBC reporters. According to a report by, BBC will be releasing an app that will allow its reporters to send reports in from the field over 3G – using their iOS devices. The app, that should be available within a month will be the opposite of the app it currently offers now (BBC iPlayer).

While consumers use iPlayer on their iOS devices to watch content, journalists will be using this new BBC app to send in reports back to the station. The app will allow reporters to upload images, audio, and audio using an iPhone or iPad – tools which many journalists own today, though sending in photographs taken with the iPad 2 can be quite questionable considering how terrible its camera is.

Using technology to submit news in this fashion can be pretty exciting since it allows journalists to get their content on the air within seconds of finishing a report, giving BBC watchers/subscribers instantaneous news on all the latest events. Expect other news companies to follow suit if BBC pulls this off successfully.

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