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RIM to increase BlackBerry PlayBook production, 4G models coming in Q2 2011
So far, reviews of the BlackBerry PlayBook have been far from flattering to the average user – the hardware is polished and refined, but the other equally important component which is the software, still has a long, long way to go before people would actually want to queue up for such a tablet. Still, Research In Motion (RIM) is not going to let all the negative early reviews dampen their […]

HTC zips past Nokia in market capitalization
Nokia’s suits must be running around in a frenzy, as we now have word that HTC has just overtaken Nokia’s market capitalization – this coming off a recent “victory” where they also soared past Research in Motion (the company that makes BlackBerrys). It seems that HTC’s market cap is worth around $33.8 billion, a cool $2 billion more than Nokia’s ($32.84 billion) and definitely far beyond the immediate reach of […]

BlackBerry Touch to push touchscreen legacy forward on BlackBerry range
Even RIM cannot stop themselves from hopping aboard the touchscreen bandwagon, and for good reason, too, as most people around the world has embraced the ease-of-use of such a display. Their latest effort would most probably come in the form of the BlackBerry Touch, although it isn’t confirmed just yet. Touted to be a thinner, faster and sexier BlackBerry handset compared to its predecessors, it will be powered by BlackBerry […]

BlackBerry PlayBook to receive native calendar, email and contact apps
Research In Motion (RIM) has just confirmed that their PlayBook device will eventually receive native email, calendar and contacts applications via a future software update, although we would have preferred to see that happening when it rolls out fresh from the factory. It is still quite surprising to know that the PlayBook is going to be released without such essential applications, especially considering where BlackBerry’s strengths lie – that is, […]


BlackBerry Playbook to come with 7digital library access
We do know that value is in the software, and for the longest time, Apple has gotten a rather huge lead over its rivals in this sense thanks to the iTunes store. Well, other hardware manufacturers like Microsoft has wisened up to the situation, and hence we do have other app stores in the form of the Android Market and Windows Marketplace. Well, the Blackberry Playbook which has already visited […]

BlackBerry PlayBook to run Android apps
A RIM (Research In Motion) representative has claimed in a video (which you can watch after the jump) that the BlackBerry PlayBook is capable of supporting Android applications, even though it runs on a QNX-based OS. This might just be the thing to ensure even more people jump aboard the PlayBook bandwagon when it arrives, since gaining access to the second-largest mobile development ecosystem would definitely provide RIM’s new platform […]

RIM PlayBook sees monthly production of 200,000 units
Not exactly the most optimistic news to begin the day with – the BlackBerry PlayBook will apparently see a production of around 200,000 units each month, according to part manufacturers. It seems that production has already begun over at Quanta, where it has hit a range of between 150,000 and 200,000 per month. This would definitely leave RIM a whole lot more cautious than before, when they previously thought of […]

RIM says no BlackBerry email access for India
Research In Motion (RIM) has just informed Indian law enforcers that they will not be able to access its corporate mail service, making a pretty bold stand here. The Indian government did give RIM until the end of January to deliver a solution that enables security forces to monitor encrypted data which is transmitted on the smartphone, with the looming threat of facing a core service shutdown. According to senior […]

BlackBerry PlayBook hitting AT&T with LTE version in the pipeline
You know the BlackBerry PlayBook that we caught sight of at CES earlier a couple of weeks ago? While it does look pretty good on paper, there are plenty of naysayers in the market since the device hasn’t been proven just yet – which is fair, to say the least. Well, little birds have been chirping on how RIM (Research In Motion) are working on a version of the BlackBerry […]

BlackBerry Torch 2 spotted, specs revealed
Research In Motion (RIM) claims that their best BlackBerry to date has been the BlackBerry Torch, although that could be subject to interpretation. RIM might want to alter that perception among users by introducing a spanking new BlackBerry Torch 2 which is a QWERTY horizontal slider. What you see on the right is an exclusive photo of the BlackBerry Torch 2, and most people will be pleasantly surprised to know […]

Indonesia orders RIM to block porn on BlackBerrys
Research In Motion (RIM), the company behind the hugely successful BlackBerry, has been asked by the Indonesian government to block pornography websites on their BlackBerry services in that part of the world. The world’s largest Muslim population, should RIM fulfil this demand by January 21st, won’t be able to access porn sites from then onwards. If RIM fails to do so, they will face legal action including revocation, according to […]

BlackBerry PlayBook Video
[CES 2011] Tablets galore yet again – this time round we have Research In Motion’s BlackBerry PlayBook, and here is a video of it in action for those who are curious to know more about it. The interface is pretty smooth flowing – much faster than Android’s even when there are plenty of icons on the display. I tried it out for a bit, and came away impressed as it […]

Bigger PlayBook and multi-processor BlackBerrys coming your way
RIM’s co-CEO Mike Lazaridis did parade the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet at a WSJ conference last night, and out of that came more interesting news – it seems that there will be a bigger PlayBook in the works, and not only that, you can expect future BlackBerrys to come with multi-processor hardware, now how about that? Of course, it does seem to sound good on paper, but as Apple has shown […]

Which Smartphone Fails the Most? The Answers May or May Not Surprise You.
According to a recent study by SquareTrade, iPhones and Android devices are the least likely to malfunction while BlackBerry may be most resilient to our clumsy hands. The report notes that most smartphone manufacturing problems of the past two years seem to have been resolved, with Research in Motion, Apple, and Android makers (HTC, Motorola, Samsung, LG and others) have 60% less malfunctions than two years prior. The report notes […]