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Supplies of BlackBerry Curve 8500 hit a bump
Interestingly enough, sales of the BlackBerry Curve 8500 were said to be spectacular enough that shortages are in store, according to RIM when discussing their latest fiscal results. A huge percentage of the 10.5 million BlackBerries shipped recently comprised of the entry level Curve 8500, and has left the company gasping for air to keep up with demand. These shortages are sustained enough that RIM expects to hit a limit […]

Details on BESX and BlackBerry Shield leaked
RIM claims that they have a big announcement coming, and it could very well be leaks on BESX and BlackBerry Shield. The former is able to support up to 30 users, and will connect only to Microsoft Exchange. The server will be provided free as a download, where BIS devices are able to hook up to Magellan, albeit it will cost $5 monthly. As for BlackBerry Shield, this personal security […]

RIM BlackBerry slider coming soon
There is no confirmation of a new BlackBerry slider smartphone from RIM, but such a handset has a very high chance of being introduced in due time. Apparently, it will be a portrait-oriented slider that will run on the BlackBerry 6.0 operating system, boasting support for Wi-Fi 802.11n connectivity. Strangely enough, the resolution remains in the dark ages at 360 × 480 pixels. No idea on whether this is a […]

BlackBerry Pearl 9100 spotted
Looks like RIM’s upcoming BlackBerry Pearl 9100 has already been spotted despite not being released officially just yet, with whispers that it will be available from T-Mobile in the US or Wind in Canada. We do know that the Pearl 9100 will support WCDMA bands I, IV and VIII – which translates to 2100MHz, 1700MHz (AWS) and 900MHz. Having said that, a logical conclusion would point towards T-Mobile and Wind […]


BlackBerry Tour trackball defect
The BlackBerry Tour is not exactly the hottest selling product on the market right now, but that’s a good thing since Research in Motion will have enough time to do something about the physical design defect of a trackball that gets clogged up all too easily, requiring users to clean it on a frequent basis to keep it going. The Tour has so far experienced up to a 50% return […]