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BlackBerry PlayBook could cost $300
John Jackson, an analyst from CSS Insight, has managed to cough up a number for the recently announced BlackBerry PlayBook tablet – stating that it will cost anywhere from $300 to $350. This is just purely speculation at point of publishing, since RIM themselves have yet to mention anything about the price to date. Still, if it were to be true, a sub-$400 price point would be deemed to be […]

BlackBerry Tablet will not be announced by RIM today
It has been confirmed that today’s keynote by Mike Lazaridis will focus on the next generation tablet OS platform, which would mean there won’t be any hardware released for shutterbugs to go nuts over. While it is possible that a shot of the hardware might just make it out on a slide during the presentation, everything else is still under wraps. Apart from that, there are whispers of the tablet […]

BlackBerry Storm 3 leak debunked?
Now this is pretty fast – remember the BlackBerry Storm 3 photo that was considered to be a leak late yesterday? Guess what, it isn’t really the actual deal. After all, multiple sources have challenge the claim of what the BlackBerry Storm 3 looks like in the leak, but rather diplomatically claims it is a modest upgrade at the most. The good people over at BGR were informed that it […]

BlackBerry patent for physically rotatable keyboard filed
Research In Motion (RIM) has filed a patent for a physically rotatable keyboard that sports a numeric QWERTY layout – now this is definitely something worth checking out. After all, the display itself will not rotate, but rather the keyboard will do all the rotating with two sides to it, boasting a numeric keyboard on one side and a QWERTY keyboard on the other. Here’s an excerpt from the patent […]


BlackBerry monitoring deadline in India
The India government has set a BlackBerry monitoring deadline, sending formal notices to the second most populous country in the world’s mobile operators to inform them that they must have the right equipment to monitor Blackberry services before 31st August is over. This will definitely see an increase in pressure on Blackberry manufacturer Research in Motion (RIM) to enable Indian security agencies access to encrypted messages. RIM, of course, still […]

BlackBerry agrees to India's request, will offer access to services
Research In Motion (RIM), the manufacturer of the BlackBerry smartphone range, have come together in an agreement with India, where the former will offer the latter technical solutions from next week onwards in order to read its encrypted data which New Delhi perceives as a security threat. This news came from a senior government source earlier today, and it does allay fears of those who thought that the BlackBerry services […]

India could stop BlackBerry services temporarily
The Middle East isn’t the only geographical area that has problems between the government as well as RIM with their BlackBerry services where security is concerned, as India also jumps aboard the bandwagon with the possibility of shutting down BlackBerry services in the world’s second most populous country if security concerns are not addressed. Could RIM, the manufacturer of the BlackBerry, compromise on their position by taking the same route […]

Saudi Arabia gives BlackBerry services the green light
It seems that all of the hoo haa concerning the potential ban of BlackBerry services in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia has all come to nothing, as the country’s telecommunications regulator has revealed that it will enable BlackBerry services to run normally – for now, at least. According to the Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC), there had been “positive developments” in its talks with Research in Motion (RIM), the […]

BlackBerry Bold 9780 looks set to arrive on several carriers
The BlackBerry Bold 9780 which has yet to hit the market will come with 3G bands 1, 2, 5, and 6, operating on the 800 MHz, 850 MHz, 1900 MHz, and 2100 MHz spectrums – all of these are the same as what the good people at AT&T utilize. Prior to this, the device had only been seen with bands 1, 4 and 8, which would mean it had the […]

Oman will not ban BlackBerry services
The tiny Gulf state known as Oman will not ban the BlackBerry, which goes to show that not all countries in the Middle East are paranoid enough to discontinue the BlackBerry Messenger service due to alleged security reasons. While Saudi Arabia is currently working with Research In Motion (RIM) on a compromise, Oman’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority mentioned the “philosophy of free market in the sector” in a statement as reported […]

BlackBerry OS 6 is now official
We all know that the Blackberry Torch (aka Bold 9800) has just been released on an official capacity, whereby it will run on the BlackBerry 6 OS in order to separate itself from the rest of the pack. Unfortunately for the older BlackBerry touchscreen devices, it doesn’t sound too positive from the press release concerning the BlackBerry OS 6 that it will play nice with the previous generation of smartphones. […]

Clamshell BlackBerry 9670 spotted
The BlackBerry 9670 is not out yet, but our friends over at BGR have managed to snap a load of photos of this upcoming BlackBerry, making it the first clamshell device from Research In Motion (RIM) to be revealed to the world (if you discount the Pearl Flip, of course), where it also runs on the BlackBerry OS 6.0. This CDMA device comes with a full QWERTY keyboard, a 5-megapixel […]

Supplies of BlackBerry Curve 8500 hit a bump
Interestingly enough, sales of the BlackBerry Curve 8500 were said to be spectacular enough that shortages are in store, according to RIM when discussing their latest fiscal results. A huge percentage of the 10.5 million BlackBerries shipped recently comprised of the entry level Curve 8500, and has left the company gasping for air to keep up with demand. These shortages are sustained enough that RIM expects to hit a limit […]

Details on BESX and BlackBerry Shield leaked
RIM claims that they have a big announcement coming, and it could very well be leaks on BESX and BlackBerry Shield. The former is able to support up to 30 users, and will connect only to Microsoft Exchange. The server will be provided free as a download, where BIS devices are able to hook up to Magellan, albeit it will cost $5 monthly. As for BlackBerry Shield, this personal security […]