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$1.7 million of BlackBerry Playbooks stolen
We all know that the BlackBerry Playbook is not at the top of most people’s Christmas lists, but is it really that lame duck of a tablet? Perhaps, when you compare it to what is available on the market, with the Apple iPad 2 leading the way, and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 nipping on its heels. Still, there are certain quarters of humanity who think that the Playbook is worth […]

Indonesia threatens to shut down BlackBerry services
Indonesia, the largest user of BlackBerry services outside of the US, certainly has the clout to threaten RIM (Research In Motion), that the country’s telecoms regulatory agency, BTRI, will proceed with shutting down RIM’s BlackBerry Messenger and Internet services should the Canadian firm decline to establish BBM servers within the South East Asian country. RIM instead, decided to place their servers in Singapore, without citing any reasons, and according to […]

PlayBook production lines cut by Quanta
Quanta Computer, the manufacturer behind Research In Motion’s (RIM) PlayBook tablet device, has decided to reduce production figures in their northern Taiwan factory because of a large decrease in orders. Not only that, the news is further compounded in a negative manner with preferential compensation (another nice term of asking you to leave by giving you cash to last you a few months, or years, depending on how long you’ve […]

BlackBerry Curve 9350, 9360 and 9370 goes official by RIM
BlackBerry 7 OS will be rolling out in a trio of smartphones from RIM – the BlackBerry Curve 9350, 9360 and 9370. Looks like the BlackBerry Curve family has just gotten a little bit larger, and will these three handsets help RIM out in their current battle for market share among the other smartphone manufacturers? These new models will come in a slim and stylish package, where they are ergonomically […]


RIM to launch BlackBerry music service? (updated)
While RIM’s BlackBerry market share might be on its way downhill, it’s not too late for RIM to make amends while it still can. In order to capture a larger market beyond the enterprise sector it’s so familiar with, it looks like the company is going to take some drastic measures to appeal to a wider audience. CNET has reported that according to its sources, RIM will be launching a […]

T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9900 confirmed
T-Mobile has confirmed that they will be offering the BlackBerry Bold 9900 that will run on the latest BlackBerry 7 OS version, hitting stores at the end of August. We are left scratching our heads as to why the BlackBerry Bold 9900 costs significantly more compared to AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon, as it will set you back by three Benjamins – and this after a $50 rebate.It must be said […]

BlackBerry Bold 9930 splashes on Verizon website
Verizon Wireless takes the understated route this time around with the BlackBerry Bold 9930, having put up the new smartphone without much fanfare at all. It will retail for a rather expensive $249.99, where it is accompanied by a 2-year contract. If you prefer to retain your freedom and not get stuck to any contract with this purchase, then you will have to fork out $509.99 for it outright sans […]

BlackBerry Curve 9630 makes an appearance, might be Apollo
The BlackBerry Curve 9630 from Research In Motion (RIM) has just broken cover – where some say this might be the Apollo. Tech blog OneMobileRing actually got their hands on this puppy, where it does seem to be the final – or at least, close to it, version of the BlackBerry Curve 9360. As you know, in with the new, out with the old – so the BlackBerry Curve 9630’s […]

Blackberry Bold 9790 Bellagio is no hotel according to leaked tutorial videos
Will Research In Motion (RIM) be able to pull itself back from the potentially same black hole that Nokia is currently wading through? Perhaps, what with a bunch of new Blackberry models coming your way later this year. We do know that there will be a Blackberry Bold 9790 Bellagio that will be released, otherwise why would there be tutorial videos for it? Too bad those videos were not officially […]

BlackBerry Monza appears in Dubai, selling for $1,500
Well well, we would not have expected anything less than for the yet unreleased BlackBerry Monza (also known as the Storm 3 or BlackBerry Touch as listed online) to appear in Dubai’s Craigslist option – and as you know, that oil-rich state has plenty of folks who probably use dollars for toilet paper and literally burn money to light up a cigar, so to fork out $1,500 for an unreleased […]

BlackBerry Torch 2 to see AT&T stores next month?
Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Research In Motion (RIM) seem to be on the same boat as that of Nokia, seeing their respective market shares being cannibalized by the growing army of Android smartphone owners, in addition to the hugely popular iPhone from Apple. Well, innovate or perish in this industry, and we do hope that RIM will be able to pull something magical out of their hat after […]

BlackBerry Bold 9930 and Torch 9850 makes appearance in CelleBrite system
BlackBerry might be on the decline when it comes to their smartphone market share, but that doesn’t mean the Canadian company is going to raise the white flag anytime soon. No sir, they are still very much in the game, and intend to make a splash with a couple more new models known as the BlackBerry Bold 9930 and Torch 9850 as spotted in the CelleBrite system. CelleBrite can function […]

RIM starts to accept BlackBerry OS 7 apps
RIM (Research In Motion) is seen to be accepting BlackBerry OS 7 apps now in conjunction with the announcement of their new BlackBerry OS 7 at this year’s BlackBerry World event, where the new operating system version will debut when the new BlackBerry Bold 9900 series smartphones is announced alongside the same occasion. This latest version of RIM’s mobile operating system will be able to support a new feature known […]

RIM purchases Tungle, looks set to lay calendar ghost to rest
One of the major gripes of early reviews concerning the BlackBerry PlayBook would be the lack of a dedicated calendar, but it seems that Research In Motion (RIM) has decided to remedy that after picking up the cloud-based, cross-platform, calendar management company known as Tungle. After all, purchasing another company with technology and know-how that you require to further enhance your business prospects is the short cut that many companies […]

RIM to increase BlackBerry PlayBook production, 4G models coming in Q2 2011
So far, reviews of the BlackBerry PlayBook have been far from flattering to the average user – the hardware is polished and refined, but the other equally important component which is the software, still has a long, long way to go before people would actually want to queue up for such a tablet. Still, Research In Motion (RIM) is not going to let all the negative early reviews dampen their […]

HTC zips past Nokia in market capitalization
Nokia’s suits must be running around in a frenzy, as we now have word that HTC has just overtaken Nokia’s market capitalization – this coming off a recent “victory” where they also soared past Research in Motion (the company that makes BlackBerrys). It seems that HTC’s market cap is worth around $33.8 billion, a cool $2 billion more than Nokia’s ($32.84 billion) and definitely far beyond the immediate reach of […]

BlackBerry Touch to push touchscreen legacy forward on BlackBerry range
Even RIM cannot stop themselves from hopping aboard the touchscreen bandwagon, and for good reason, too, as most people around the world has embraced the ease-of-use of such a display. Their latest effort would most probably come in the form of the BlackBerry Touch, although it isn’t confirmed just yet. Touted to be a thinner, faster and sexier BlackBerry handset compared to its predecessors, it will be powered by BlackBerry […]

BlackBerry PlayBook to receive native calendar, email and contact apps
Research In Motion (RIM) has just confirmed that their PlayBook device will eventually receive native email, calendar and contacts applications via a future software update, although we would have preferred to see that happening when it rolls out fresh from the factory. It is still quite surprising to know that the PlayBook is going to be released without such essential applications, especially considering where BlackBerry’s strengths lie – that is, […]

BlackBerry Playbook to come with 7digital library access
We do know that value is in the software, and for the longest time, Apple has gotten a rather huge lead over its rivals in this sense thanks to the iTunes store. Well, other hardware manufacturers like Microsoft has wisened up to the situation, and hence we do have other app stores in the form of the Android Market and Windows Marketplace. Well, the Blackberry Playbook which has already visited […]

BlackBerry PlayBook to run Android apps
A RIM (Research In Motion) representative has claimed in a video (which you can watch after the jump) that the BlackBerry PlayBook is capable of supporting Android applications, even though it runs on a QNX-based OS. This might just be the thing to ensure even more people jump aboard the PlayBook bandwagon when it arrives, since gaining access to the second-largest mobile development ecosystem would definitely provide RIM’s new platform […]