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Apple Shows Off New 21.5-Inch Retina iMac
Well, it looks like the folks over at Apple have done their bit to update the iMac range as per rumors, and your eyes would be the ones thanking you for it since these updates would ensure that the iMac range gets Retina Displays. The whole iMac family will mark for the very first time that the 21.5” iMac will see a new Retina 4K display accompany it, while the […]

Apple Unveils The 12-Inch Retina MacBook
 The much rumored new notebook from Apple has finally been officially announced. At today’s Spring Forward event Apple announced the 12-inch MacBook. No other identifiers. It’s simply the 12-inch MacBook. Some of what was already rumored has turned out to be true. It has a 12-inch Retina Display, a significantly slimmer and lighter profile, a fanless design, a keyboard that has been redesigned from the ground up and an all new […]

12-Inch Fanless MacBook Air A Possibility With Intel's Broadwell Chip
A couple of months back rumors started circulating that Apple is developing a completely new MacBook Air model, one that’s going to split the existing lineup right through the middle. Apparently its a 12-inch Retina display touting Air that’s even slimmer due to its fanless design. With Intel’s announcement of the latest Broadwell chip yesterday, that’s certainly a possibility.

Display Changes For Future Apple Devices Rumored
There is an abundance of rumors about future Apple products, but this latest rumor makes predictions about display changes that the company is expected to make in a number of its devices. This is actually the first rumor of its kind that tackles different products and hints at display changes for all of them. The rumor isn’t obviously substantiated by any real evidence, so a grain of salt is definitely […]


iPad Mini 2 Purported Shell In 'Space Gray' Color Leaked
Over the past few weeks we’ve seen a lot of purported iPad mini 2 parts and components being leaked. We’ve already seen a lot of alleged casings and shells of the new tablet, and the leaks just don’t stop coming in. This time around, we get to see a shell touting the ‘Space Gray’ color that Apple currently offers with the fifth generation iPod touch and iPhone 5S. This color […]

Retina iPad Mini Release In 2013 Rumored Once Again
Once Apple is done with its iPhone announcements on September 10th, the rumor mill’s focus will then turn towards the launch of new iPads. A few weeks ago it was rumored that perhaps the new iPads might be unveiled at the iPhone event as well, though that rumor is now believed to be far from reality. Previous rumors suggest that the new tablets might be launched around the holiday season. […]

New iPad Mini To Use Samsung Retina Displays, Says WSJ
When you have a high profile company such as Apple, any move that they make would definitely come under the microscope of the masses. Not only that, the world on the whole has generally stopped whatever they are doing in recent years just to see what new stuff Apple has thought up of, and the next generation iPad mini is definitely not an exception to this rule. In fact, we […]

OS X Mavericks Wallpaper Hints At Retina Thunderbolt Display And iMac
Retina display for 27 inch iMac and the Apple Thunderbolt display has supposedly been hinted by a new OS X Mavericks wallpaper that Apple has released.

iPhone 6 With 4.8 Inch Display Rumored, Retina iPad Mini Delayed
Analysts report that Apple will release iPhone 6 with 4.8 inch display in the first quarter of 2013. The Retina display iPad Mini release has reportedly been delayed to November.

iPhone 5S Features Display That Doubles iPhone 5 Retina Resolution [Rumor]
A new report claims the upcoming iPhone 5S will feature a display that doubles what the iPhone 5's Retina Display has.

iPad Mini 2 Display May Be Manufactured By Three Suppliers
Major trade publication reports that the displays for Apple iPad mini 2 are going to be manufactured by three major suppliers, LG, Sharp and AU Optronics.

iPad Mini 2 Render Hints At Design And Alleged Specifications
The iPad mini 2 has seen its fair share of rumors. Apple is expected to release the successor to its 7.9 inch tablet in the next couple of months. Much has already been said about this upcoming tablet, though nothing is confirmed because there has been no official announcement yet. Today, a render of the iPad mini 2 has been posted online. The person who created this render claims to […]

Twitter For Mac Update Brings Retina Display Support
In recent months we have seen Twitter make some amazing improvements to its mobile apps. It almost felt as if the microblogging network had forgotten about its Mac app. Today they’ve released a new update at last which brings Retina display support. Good news for those rocking Retina Macbook Pros, their Twitter experience will now be clearer and sharper. Twitter tells us to expect more improvements for the app in the […]

Budget iPhone Will Release In 2013 Without Retina Display [Rumor]
It’s the end of a new week and we almost got away with not hearing another rumor for the budget iPhone Apple is reportedly currently working on. But, alas, another week is yet to be complete without a regular dose of a budget iPhone rumor, so let’s just get this one out of the way, shall we?The budget iPhone Apple is reportedly in the process of creating will come with […]