Ever since the iPhone 3GS, the “S” versions of the iPhone have been minor updates to their originally released versions that feature improved specs and nothing more, but there’s been a number of reports circulating this won’t be the case for the upcoming iPhone 5S. A new claim is circulating that says the new iPhone 5S will come with an improved display that might possibly double the pixel count of Apple’s Retina Display.

The report originated from the Wei Feng network as they believe the next iPhone will come with a bezel that is narrower than the current iPhone 5 by adopting the iPad mini design. The narrow bezel won’t result in an increase in the iPhone 5S’ display as it’ll still measure at 4 inches, but with its new bezel, Apple is expected to increase the number of pixels that can be viewed on its display from around 730k pixels to around 1.5 million pixels.

With the new iPad expected to also borrow from the iPad mini’s bezel, this rumor doesn’t seem that out of the realm of possibility, although at this point, the only iOS device that we’ve seen use the iPad mini design is the iPad mini itself. Whatever iOS device Apple decides to unveil next, if it has a bezel similar to the iPad mini, then you can expect more iOS devices to borrow this design as well.

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