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RIM, Netflix And Electronic Arts Fall Out Of Nasdaq 100
The Nasdaq 100 that is the US index of top performing non-financial companies has decided to give the boot to RIM, Netflix and Electronic Arts, considering how the three companies’ fortunes did not perform as expected, but rather, decided to plummet along the way. Facebook, however, managed to squeeze its way onto the list. This would not come as much surprise for RIM, considering how their problems are well documented, […]

Blackberry 10 to have 70,000 apps available at launch
What good is a mobile operating system if there aren’t any apps to support it? With iOS and Android boasting more than half a million apps each, that’s definitely a lot of choice that users have which could explain why those two platforms remain the top choice. While RIM’s Blackberry 10 operating system does appear to promising based on its native features alone, will there be enough apps to keep […]

Blackberry 10 leaves a good impression in New York
With Blackberry 10 launching in little over a month’s time, we’re sure many are curious about the platform and wonder if it will be good enough to help RIM regain some of its former glory. We know that RIM is shopping the device and its BES 10 service to companies and government agencies, but in the meantime RIM has also taken the Blackberry 10 operating system on tour which has […]

Newly leaked Blackberry 10 UI screenshots reveal Twitter and Facebook apps
The Blackberry 10 L-series was leaked a while back by Vietnamese website Tinhte, providing us with the clearest photos to date. Well unsurprisingly they managed to spend some quality time with the device, and in the process they have managed to snag a good many screenshots showing off what we might be able to expect from the Blackberry 10 platform when it is released next year. The screenshots shown might […]


Blackberry 10 to undergo invite-only testing with 120 companies and government agencies
So far based on what we’ve seen of Blackberry 10, the platform and its accompanying devices are starting to shape up to be pretty promising, but then again without major support, RIM’s efforts could have all been naught. Well the good news for those who rooting for Blackberry 10 is that according to RIM, they have started an invitation-only testing of Blackberry 10 devices and BES (Blackberry Enterprise Service) 10, […]

BlackBerry 10 Announcement On January 30, 2013
It seems that the last chance saloon for RIM (Research In Motion) and their BlackBerry 10 mobile operating system will officially kick off at the end of next month – namely, January 30th, 2013. I guess BlackBerry 10 would give CES 2013 in Las Vegas a miss, and it will also skip Mobile World Congress that normally happens sometime in the middle of February in Barcelona, Spain. To make sure […]

US Immigration will be piloting RIM's Blackberry 10 solution
Back in October, it was reported that the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency would be switching from Blackberry devices to the iPhone, with the agency claiming that RIM was no longer able to meet their mobile technology needs, hence the switch. While that may or may not be true for the current Blackberry platform, perhaps RIM’s upcoming Blackberry 10 platform might be able to fulfill ICE’s needs.According to […]

Wi-LAN sues RIM over alleged Bluetooth patent infringement
With RIM so close to launching its Blackberry 10 platform and its accompanying device in early 2013, the last thing they need would be legal troubles to trip them up, but that’s exactly what has happened. It seems that a company by the name of Wi-LAN has filed a lawsuit against RIM for allegedly infringing upon a patent pertaining to Bluetooth technology. According to the lawsuit, Wi-LAN believes that RIM’s […]

Blackberry 10 SDK is now gold
RIM is pegged to launch Blackberry 10 towards the end of January in 2013, a platform which we’re sure many Blackberry fans are looking forward to, as well as the rest of the world who are curious as to whether RIM’s new platform will be able to help them regain their footing. The good news is that according to RIM, the Blackberry 10 SDK has gone gold, meaning this is […]

RIM launches Blackberry 10 news and updates page, teases L-series in photo
We’ve seen RIM’s Blackberry 10 L-series leaked several times in the past, but we think that this is probably the closest thing we’ll get to an official photo for now. It seems that RIM has recently launched a Blackberry 10 news and updates page, although at the moment there’s really not much to share, except for the image above which we’re assuming is that of the L-series. Assuming that it […]

RIM Launches BlackBerry 10 Ready Program
With the BlackBerry 10 launch just around the corner, RIM is pitching in a new program for its enterprise customers. Called BlackBerry 10 Ready, the program aims to woo business customers into trying BlackBerry 10 by offering a free BlackBerry 10 smartphone on top of a free online training. RIM is even offering an option to trade up existing BlackBerry Enterprise Server licenses in exchange for its new BlackBerry 10 […]

Facebook For BlackBerry 3.3 Now Available
Facebook version 3.3 for RIM’s ailing BlackBerry platform has just been made available over at the BlackBerry App World storefront, which means folks who are on Facebook most of the time when it comes to keeping in touch with the masses are able to remain hooked up to their social and professional networks wherever they are. Just what kind of new features can you expect from Facebook v3.3 for BlackBerry?Well, […]

These are the 106 passwords you can't use with Blackberry 10
Blackberry used to be (and probably still is for some) the choice of companies and governments due to its secure nature, and come Blackberry 10 RIM is hoping that security will remain a feature that the company is known for. In any case it seems that according to a document spotted within the Blackberry 10 platform, RIM has listed about 106 passwords in which users are not allowed to use […]

RIM to launch BBM Money in Indonesia, allows the sending of money through BBM
It looks like RIM is hoping to expand the capabilities of its BBM platform beyond mere text messaging, and over in Indonesia the Canadian company has announced that they will be launching BBM Money. In case the name itself wasn’t obvious or didn’t give away any clues, BBM Money is RIM’s expansion of its BBM platform which will now allow BBM users to send other BBM users money, making it […]