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BBM Video Headed For BlackBerry 10
If you are still doing your level best to keep the BlackBerry flag flying high and mighty, we commend you for your efforts, even though if many people around you think that you are on a sinking ship. Well, good news for all you faithful BlackBerry followers out there, it seems that there is enough evidence picked up to bring you word that RIM will most probably introduce a new […]

RIM Readies New Prototype, Opens $10k Commitment Program
RIM has just announced at the BlackBerry JAM event in Asia that they will be opening the $10,000 guarantee program on an official basis, and part of the changes would mean developers are able to gain access to the latest BlackBerry Dev Alpha C prototype. Since it is a prototype at time of publishing, do not expect the final version of the hardware to look exactly like it, as we […]

Nokia Wins Patent Dispute Against RIM
Earlier this morning, it was reported that RIM has suffered yet another setback as a company, considering how Nokia of Finland has picked up a victory against RIM from a contract dispute. This contract dispute had everything to do with their WLAN-related patents, where back in 2003, both Nokia and RIM signed a cross-license agreement for “standards-essential cellular patents”, followed by a renewal in 2008. Hmmm, frankly speaking, 2008 is […]

Nokia attempting to block Blackberry phones in the US
While Google and Apple battle it out for the number one spot for the largest smartphone platform market share, we’re sure that their competition such as Windows Phone and Blackberry (and the upcoming Blackberry 10) wouldn’t mind a larger slice of the pie, although in this case we guess at this point in time both Windows Phone and Blackberry will have to go head to head if they wish to […]


BlackBerry App World Carrier Billing Integration Now In 50 Plus Carriers
Barely two weeks after confirming its BlackBerry 10 launch on the 30th of January, Research In Motion is now alluding that more than 50 of its carrier partners around the world are implementing the integration of carrier billing on its BlackBerry App World. Today’s announcement, which is expected to benefit carriers, developers, and customers, marks a significant milestone for the BlackBerry maker. The move will allow BlackBerry customers to purchase apps […]

Blackberry 10 gets demonstrated in new video
Blackberry 10 has been scheduled for a launch in 2013, 30th January to be exact, and a possible release of Blackberry 10 devices to follow suit in February if the reports are to be believed, but what sort of features can we expect from RIM’s new operating system? While there have been a spattering of leaks here and there, we guess nothing quite beats RIM themselves giving us a walkthrough, […]

Taiwanese manufacturers reportedly preparing for Blackberry 10 production in December
RIM will be officially launching Blackberry 10 come 30th of January, and the company is hoping to get their phones out to the masses within 30 days of its launch. If that is the case, then reports of manufacturers getting ready for production would only make sense. According to a report from Digitimes, it seems that Taiwanese suppliers such as Silitech Technology, Ichia Technologies and ODM Winstron are gearing up […]

RIM's CEO believes it will only take a minute to sell customers on Blackberry 10
Blackberry 10 is pretty much what RIM will be pouring their hopes into come 2013. After all with a declining market share, Blackberry 10 will need to amaze if RIM hopes to recapture some of their former glory, and based on what we’ve seen so far, the platform looks promising. However for those who might not be as tech savvy or who might never have heard of Blackberry before, will […]

RIM expected to start selling Blackberry 10 smartphones in February 2013
Staying true to their word, RIM has announced that they will be officially launching Blackberry 10 on the 30th of January, and while that is certainly great news for Blackberry owners anticipating the next-generation of Blackberry devices, when exactly will they be able to get their hands on the phone? The good news is that according to RIM, would-be customers can expect to get their hands on Blackberry 10 smartphones […]

BBM 7 Introduces Free Voice Calls
BlackBerry Messenger version 7, aka BBM 7, is now in beta, and it comes with a huge addition: free voice calls over Wi-Fi. BBM 7 will be a free update and it should work on BlackBerry smartphones that currently run under BlackBerry 6 OS or higher. If you own a BlackBerry 5 OS device, RIM *should* have something for you in the future.BlackBerry Messenger users should find themselves right at […]

RIM officially confirms BlackBerry 10 launch on the 30th of January
Research In Motion is finally making it official. Today, the company is announcing in advance the launching of BlackBerry 10 on the 30th of January. RIM says that the event is happening simultaneously in multiple countries around the world. Additionally, the BlackBerry maker is also confirming that it will unveil its first two BlackBerry 10 smartphones during the said date.Some of the features that we can expect from BlackBerry 10 […]

BlackBerry 10 gets FIPS 140-2 certification from U.S. government
Following the Pentagon’s decision to continue using BlackBerry smartphones this year, Research In Motion has just received a security clearance from the U.S. government for its upcoming BlackBerry operating system. The FIPS 140-2 certification has been awarded to RIM’s BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry Enterprise 10, which means that the U.S. government has approved and endorsed BlackBerry devices running on the new platform to be used by government agencies nationwide. This […]

RIM introduces new icons to Blackberry 10
While Blackberry 10 on paper sounds promising, on the UI front we couldn’t help but feel that perhaps RIM could do a better job. If you’ve seen any of the screenshots of the OS so far, you might have seen some of the icons used which to be honest leave much to be desired. Of course it is possible that those icons were merely used for the Dev Alpha devices […]

BlackBerry PlayBook 3G+ finally hits the UK
I am not quite sure whether it is smart or foolish to place your money on the BlackBerry PlayBook, but if you so happen to reside in the UK and have long looked forward to the BlackBerry PlayBook 3G+ availability in that part of the world, here is news for you. Coming in just one SKU, the BlackBerry PlayBook 3G+ will feature 32GB of internal memory, and the inclusion of […]