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Amazon Sued Over Ring Devices Being Susceptible To Hacks
Smart home devices are fantastic inventions. They let us remotely control our lights, doors, home appliances, and more. It can also be automated which could also potentially be great for energy savings. However, the problem with smart home devices is that because they’re connected to the internet, it means that they are also susceptible to hacks.

Amazon’s Ring Could Be Moving Towards Smart Lightbulbs
For those unfamiliar, back in 2018, Amazon acquired Ring. In case you did not know, Ring is a company that makes smart video doorbells, but the company has also since branched into creating security cameras. However, could the company be planning on expanding their portfolio with more smart home devices?

Amazon’s Ring Has Partnerships With Over 200 Law Enforcement Agencies
Amazon’s home surveillance company Ring appears to have more partnerships with law enforcement agencies in the country than previously believed. An email obtained through a public record request by Motherboard shows that the company has entered into partnerships with at least 200 law enforcement agencies.

Ring’s Smart Doorbells Now One Step Closer To Gaining HomeKit Support
Several years ago, Ring announced that they would be working to bring HomeKit support to its smart doorbells. However, after Amazon acquired the company, some were understandably worried that this would never come to pass, but Ring later clarified that by confirming that HomeKit support would still be coming.


Ring Reportedly Gave Employees Full Access To Live Camera Feeds [Updated]
Update – Ring has since reached out to clarify that annotation on videos is only done for publicly shared Ring videos. They also denied the initial reports and stated that “Ring does not provide employees with access to livestreams of Ring devices.”Ring, the company known for their smart doorbells, is coming under fire recently where according to a report from The Intercept (via 9to5Google), it seems that the company gave […]

Ring Door View Cam Can Be Installed Without Wires
#CES2019 – If one of your concerns about putting together a smartphone is potentially having to rewire and reinstall everything, Ring could help put your mind at ease with its latest Door View Cam smart doorbell. This is because the Door View Cam’s installation is pretty easy and does not require any wires.

Amazon Unveils New Ring Security Cameras
Earlier this year Amazon announced that they would be acquiring smart doorbell maker Ring. For those unfamiliar with Ring, they created a smart doorbell that also comes with a built-in camera that allows users to see who is outside and control it via their smartphone via an accompanying app.

Ring Doorbell Password Flaw Discovered
As we’re starting to see more companies move into creating smart home gadgets, there also comes the question of security, such as how secure are these gadgets? Do they create more problems than they solve? Unfortunately for the Ring smart video doorbell, it seems that a password flaw was recently discovered by the folks at The Information (paywall; via Engadget).

Ring Launches Its ‘Neighbors’ App On iOS & Android
Ring is the company that some of you might be familiar with as the company that specializes in home security equipment, such as its video doorbell. Now the company has announced the launch of a new app called Neighbors that basically leverages its technology and creates what might be described as a hi-tech version of a neighborhood watch program.

Amazon Discounts Ring Video Doorbell To $99
Amazon announced a couple of months ago that it was acquiring Ring, the company behind the Ring Video Doorbell and other smart devices. Terms of the deal were not disclosed but subsequent reports suggested that it may have been valued at $1 billion. Amazon has now officially closed its Ring acquisition and to celebrate that it has discounted the first-generation Ring Video Doorbell to $99.99 permanently.

Amazon To Acquire Smart Doorbell Maker Ring
Late last year, Amazon announced Amazon Key which is a new feature for Prime members in which Amazon will allow delivery people to make deliveries right inside your home. This means that there will no longer be issues of rescheduling deliveries because you’re not home, or people stealing deliveries off your doorstep.

Doorbot Rebranded As Ring
It looks like there is a brand new name in town for Doorbot, taking into consideration its rebranding as Ring. Doorbot was a crowdfunding campaign which successfully raised a whopping $250,000, and it so happened to be a first-generation product which claimed to offer the ability to view anyone remotely as they head toward your front door. This is done over your home network, and with the rebranding as Ring, […]

Ringly Connected Ring for Smartphone Notifications
My phone is almost all the time in silent mode and buried in my purse, so I can understand very well the need for Ringly. In fact, feeling the vibration of text and call alerts during trade shows is one of my preferred smartwatch features. Ringly founder and CEO Christina Mercando shares my opinion: she created the connected ring simply because she was missing too many calls or texts from […]

Smarty Ring An Indiegogo Project Waiting To Be Funded
Sauron’s One Ring proved to be his downfall, but when he had it, he was nigh unstoppable. The thing is, that ring was meant to rule them “all”, but when one takes a step out of the realm of fiction and into the real world, what do we end up with? Here is an Indiegogo project that I personally hope to see realized – the Smarty Ring, which is the […]