Last month, it was discovered that Ring’s app had been collecting and sending user data back to companies such as Google and Facebook. Clearly this did not sit well with customers because ironically enough, for a company that sells products meant to better protect your home, they sure seemed like they were doing a poor data at protecting your privacy.

The good news is that according to a new report from CBS, it has been revealed that Ring will soon be making some changes to its app where they will allow users to opt out of this data sharing program, albeit not entirely. The report claims that by opting out, it will prevent the company from sharing “most,  not all” of their data, meaning that there will still be some data that’s being shared.

That being said, after the report from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Ring (like most companies) defended their practice. The company claims that this data was meant to help improve its service, although the report from the EFF revealed that some of this data was not anonymized, and contained personal information like the name, email addresses, and where the app was being used.

It has been argued that with this information, it would allow third-parties to know when a Ring user might not be home, and could also be used to connect users with other personal information from somewhere else to form a more complete profile.

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