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EU Roaming Charges Will End By June 2017
The European Union has been talking about abolishing mobile roaming charges between the member states for a long time now and it’s likely to go ahead with the move by mid-June. The European Comission, parliament, and representatives of the 28 member states have come to an agreement on wholesale roaming charges that will make life easier for mobile users moving freely across Europe.

Europe Eliminates Mobile Roaming Fees
In a move that will certainly be appreciated by Europeans and visitors to the continent who use a local telco, the European Parliament today passed a law which eliminates mobile roaming fees. The implementation won’t be immediate though, mobile roaming fees will gradually be eliminated by the year 2017. That’s barely two years from now.

Eddy Cue Says Apple Is Trying To 'Fix' Roaming Charges
If you set up roaming and take your number abroad then you might be well aware that it’s not exactly cheap, charges vary depending on the country you’re going to and the services you need there, but it goes without saying that many of us would appreciate not having to pay roaming charges when using our number abroad. Instant messaging and VoIP apps have fixed this to some extent but still […]

T-Mobile Confirms Unlimited (2G) Global Data At No Extra Cost
We’ve told you that this was coming earlier today, and T-Mobile just confirmed it with an official announcement, saying: “delivering unlimited global data at no extra charge in 100+ countries” (that includes SMS too). Unless something terrible is in the fine prints (like the alleged 2G speeds!), this is rather groundbreaking for any carrier in western countries. As far as I know, only select Japanese carriers did something like this […]


Verizon in talks with Vodafone and China mobile over 4G LTE roaming
The speeds from Verizon’s 4G LTE connectivity while pretty darn fast, is unfortunately limited to domestic usage. While this may be just fine for users who don’t travel often or have no use for data roaming while overseas, it is still an obstacle that Verizon (and other 4G LTE providers) will have to address in the future as 4G LTE becomes more and more widespread.

AT&T and Verizon forced to share network with rivals for data
AT&T and Verizon, the two largest carriers in America, have just been instructed by the FCC to share their networks with smaller carriers for the transfer of data. Right now the carriers have already been making deals with their rivals to share networks, but they have been voluntarily – and it has only been for voice services. Under the new FCC ruling, these deals have to be mandatory, and if […]

Motorola Droid 2 World Edition Comes With Speed Bump, White Casing
It seems that the reported Droid 2 World Edition that may replace the original Droid 2 in Verizon Wireless’s lineup may get not only a SIM card slot and world phone status, but the new World Edition will also get a zippier 1.2 GHz Texas Instruments processor. It seems that Motorola and Texas Instruments has upped the TI OMAP3620 CPU up to 1.2 GHz from 1 GHz on the Droid […]

Cablevision, Comcast And Time Warner Agree To Free Wi-Fi Roaming
Good news for folks who are living in the New York metropolitan area, as Cablevision, Comcast and Time Warner have agreed to let customers roam across Wi-Fi networks owned by each other at no additional charge. Currently the deal is limited to the New York metropolitan area, which extends from Jersey Shore to the Hamptons. Under the new deal, you’ll be able to use your own provider’s sign-on process to […]

Adam Savage Gets AT&T To Retract a $11k Bill. What About You and I?
Mythbusters’ Adam Savage recently visited Canada, where he used his mobile data connection for “a few hours”. The roaming charges invoice came in at $11k. Not surprisingly, Adam Savage is stunned as he claims to have simply browsed the web, without downloading any (large) files. To fight AT&T, he decides to take it to Twitter (he has 65k followers at the time of publishing).As wireless carriers are among the most […]