The speeds from Verizon’s 4G LTE connectivity while pretty darn fast, is unfortunately limited to domestic usage. While this may be just fine for users who don’t travel often or have no use for data roaming while overseas, it is still an obstacle that Verizon (and other 4G LTE providers) will have to address in the future as 4G LTE becomes more and more widespread.

While we’re sure that regular consumers may not see the need for speedy LTE connectivity while overseas, power business users may require those speeds and it’s a market that we guess Verizon cannot ignore. At the moment it appears that due to different radio frequencies used, LTE users on Verizon’s network will not be able to data roam on other LTE networks in other countries.

The good news for all you enterprise users out there, it seems that Verizon has engaged in talks with both Vodafone and China Mobile regarding 4G LTE roaming while overseas. No word on when they will reach an agreement or figure out a solution, but for now if you require data roaming while overseas, the best you would be able to get is 3G (short of purchasing a SIM card from a local carrier with 4G LTE networks).

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