Adam Savage Gets AT&T To Retract a $11k Bill. What About You and I?

Mythbusters’ Adam Savage recently visited Canada, where he used his mobile data connection for “a few hours”. The roaming charges invoice came in at $11k. Not surprisingly, Adam Savage is stunned as he claims to have simply browsed the web, without downloading any (large) files. To fight AT&T, he decides to take it to Twitter (he has 65k followers at the time of publishing).

As wireless carriers are among the most hated businesses (after lawyers and car dealers) It doesn’t take long to mobilize the Twitter crowd. In the end, AT&T backs down and waives the charge. While this is an interesting story, we wonder how the average Joe/Jane would defend himself/herself in the same situation. Did you fought an insane bill in the past and how did it end up? Share your story.

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