Information About New Galaxy Note 9 S Pen Features Surfaces

There have been a few reports over the past couple of weeks that have revealed that Samsung will introduce new S Pen features with the Galaxy Note 9. The S Pen is now expected to feature Bluetooth support which means that it will be able to do much more than it has ever been able to do. A new report has brought some additional information about the new S Pen […]

Galaxy Note 9 Said To Bring Major New Features

Samsung is due to launch the Galaxy Note 9 in a couple of months. Whenever the company launches a new phablet it makes some improvements to the S Pen as well. However, if word on the street is believed, the Galaxy Note 9’s S Pen might bring the “biggest update in the history” of this stylus. This according to a Chinese leakster with a somewhat solid track record.

Samsung Galaxy Book 10” and 12” Review: Hands-on

Samsung comes to MWC 2017 with the Galaxy Book, the successor of the famous Samsung Galaxy TabPro S announced at CES 2016 , and refreshed last October with a new paint. Dubbed the “TabPro S2” in the rumors, the second-gen Windows 10 hybrid 2-in-1 has been rebranded as the “Galaxy Book” by the Korean manufacturer.We welcome the name change, “Galaxy TabPro S” could be easily confused with “Galaxy Tab S”, […]

Galaxy Note S Pen Could Double As A Stand

It’s easy enough to hold most modern smartphones in one hand and consume content but it’s not uncommon to feel the need for a stand or just something to prop up the phone against so that we can free both hands, maybe eat a burger while we watch that video on YouTube. Samsung might fix that dilemma in a Galaxy Note handset of the future which will feature an S […]


Samsung Galaxy Tab A Plus Announced On The Quiet

It looks like Samsung has quietly introduced a refresh for one of its tablets, and that would be the Samsung Galaxy Tab A Plus. What made the reveal all the more interesting is the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Tab A Plus would feature a 9.7” display alongside an S Pen stylus, where the latter happens to be something that is normally reserved for the South Korean conglomerate’s high-end products […]

Samsung Unveils Advanced S Pen

Samsung can singlehandedly claim the credit for bringing styluses back after the iPhone butchered them back in 2007. The Korean juggernaut decided to include what it calls the S Pen with the Galaxy Note series and it carries the S Pen to this day. Clearly Samsung is committed to styluses because it has unveiled a new one. It is called the Advanced S Pen and it promises improved sensitivity with better […]