Samsung can singlehandedly claim the credit for bringing styluses back after the iPhone butchered them back in 2007. The Korean juggernaut decided to include what it calls the S Pen with the Galaxy Note series and it carries the S Pen to this day. Clearly Samsung is committed to styluses because it has unveiled a new one. It is called the Advanced S Pen and it promises improved sensitivity with better editing features.

The Advanced S Pen was unveiled at the Samsung Developer Conference is San Francisco. Samsung says that it provides double the sensitivity of the existing S Pen, that’s the one shipping with Galaxy Note 4 and that it is capable of recognizing rotation, tilt and speed. Along with offering life-like handwriting recognition, the Advanced S Pen also brings improved editing features.

This new stylus will be compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. Samsung is also going to release an updated S Pen SDK allowing developers to take advantage of this improved stylus.

Samsung has not confirmed just how much it will be charging customers for this stylus. Those who are interested in picking one up will have to look towards the company’s official website because that’s where the Advanced S Pen will be sold.

Update: Samsung got back to us and clarified that it hasn’t unveiled a new S Pen, instead it just talked about the one that already ships with Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy Note Edge.

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