It’s easy enough to hold most modern smartphones in one hand and consume content but it’s not uncommon to feel the need for a stand or just something to prop up the phone against so that we can free both hands, maybe eat a burger while we watch that video on YouTube. Samsung might fix that dilemma in a Galaxy Note handset of the future which will feature an S Pen that doubles as a stand for the handset.

Samsung has applied for a patent that details how a Galaxy Note S Pen can be used as a stand for a device. It will perform multiple functions then, aside from providing all features that are part and parcel of the stylus, it will also enable users to prop up the handset against it.

This idea actually does make sense considering the fact that the Galaxy Note lineup has always been positioned as the perfect option for consuming media on the go. All Note flagships have had big displays and that’s always a plus when you want to watch media content on a mobile device.

The patent details that the S Pen will bend at a point near the middle at different angles and allow the device to be propped up in landscape mode enabling users to enjoy content hands-free. The S Pen will remain locked inside the phone when it’s used as a stand. The lock will be disengaged when the pen is bent back to a single piece.

It’s really not a bad idea but it remains to be seen if and when Samsung brings it to life, one can’t say for sure if this will be a feature on the Galaxy Note 6 that will arrive near the fall later this year.

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