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CAT S60 Sports A Thermal Camera
When we talk about the brand name Caterpillar, we do know that they churn out some heavy duty machinery that are able to help clear a piece of land in double quick time. Of course, with that, they too have safety shoes that are legendary in nature, and it does not surprise us then that Caterpillar has also jumped into the rugged handset business, with the CAT S40 being one […]

Opera Mobile 10.1 Goes Gold on Symbian
Opera Mobile 10.1 has exited beta and is now gold for the Symbian platform. A staple browser for other platforms such as Windows Mobile, Opera Mobile 10.1 is a robust browser with a long list of features, such as: Pioneering features from Opera – such as Speed Dial, tabbed browsing, Opera Link and password manager – reduce the time and typing required to navigate your favorite websites. When slow network […]

Volvo S60 has pedestrian tracking
Volvo’s pedestrian detection system can be found on the revamped S60, adding on to other safety features which include an in-collision detection system as well as auto-braking. These unique combinations of tech are able to spot pedestrians who step in front of the car, warn the driver who will hopefully brake in time, and if not, the car will take over by automatically applying full braking power. Any vehicle that […]

Nokia Image Exchange For S60 Touch Phones
Nokia users who are running a S60 device with a touchscreen will want to take note that a beta version of Nokia Image Exchange for S60 touchscreen smartphones (such as Nokia 5530, 5800, N97 and X6) is available for download via Nokia Beta Labs. Currently the functionality is quite limited, and the UI is a little unpolished, since it’s still in beta stage. If you want to download it to […]


Nokia Surge: 'Social Phone' For Kids
The Nokia Surge is Nokia’s product that handles social networking cheaply. At $79, the handset has a sliding keyboard that should make broadcasting status updates faster and easier. The Surge runs on S60, an operating system used in smarter Nokia phones. it has good messaging capabilities and flash support for a close to desktop web experience. The phone will also be loaded with JuiceCaster, a social network connector application that […]

Nokia N97 Review
The Nokia N97 is the tip of the spear in Nokia’s smartphone lineup. It is the most powerful, smartest and fully featured phone of the company. It is also the first Nokia phone to make use of a large touch-display and that alone has raised the expectations from die hard Nokia fans that have refused to switch over to the iPhone. And Nokia has put quite a lot of work […]

Nokia Launches E52
The latest E series smartphone from Nokia would be the Nokia E52, where it is pretty much similar to the E55 in nature save for the missing QWERTY keypad, replaced by a standard alphanumeric keypad instead. Features of the E52 include a 2.4″ QVGA display, HSDPA/HSUPA connectivity, GPS navigation, a 3.2-megapixel camera, Ovi service support, noise cancellation and a new email user interface that can be found on the Nokia […]

Ghost Pigeon Makes You Untraceable
Do you happen to use your cell phone for more than just making business calls and keeping in touch with your mates? You know, making those secret calls to your ex-girlfriend behind your wife’s back and stuff similar to such clandestine operations – well, the Ghost Pigeon software ought to come in handy as this cloaking software will mask all incoming and outgoing calls as well as text messages so […]