Ghost Pigeon Makes You Untraceable

Do you happen to use your cell phone for more than just making business calls and keeping in touch with your mates? You know, making those secret calls to your ex-girlfriend behind your wife’s back and stuff similar to such clandestine operations – well, the Ghost Pigeon software ought to come in handy as this cloaking software will mask all incoming and outgoing calls as well as text messages so that your suspicious partner won’t be able to find out who you’ve been keeping in touch with – until he/she sees the monthly itemized bill, that is. There are some practical uses for it apart from keeping things secret from a loved one, and some of these include searching for a new job over the company phone or even when making business deals. The Ghost Pigeon works with the Series 60 operating system on Nokia phones only at the moment, retailing for £10 a pop.

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