Samsung is a South-Korean conglomerate which counts many subsidiaries like Samsung Electronics, which you probably know very well, but also Samsung Heavy Industries which builds ships, or Samsung Life Insurance, Samsung Securities and many more. Samsung is responsible for an amazing 20% of South Korea’s exports. In the consumer electronics world, Samsung has gone from being a company with a reputation for cheap products to becoming one of the most respected companies in the world.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Gets FCC Approval
We’ve been hearing for a few months now that Samsung has a new tablet in the pipeline. It’s going to be the successor to the company’s flagship Galaxy Tab S2 Android tablet that it launched almost two years ago. The latest development is that the Galaxy Tab S3 has now received its FCC approval which means that it has passed one major hurdle before eventually being released in the near […]

Samsung's Top Position In Flash Memory Market Under Threat
Samsung’s semiconductor business is a true cash cow for the company. It’s what salvaged the fourth quarter of last year for the company even though the Galaxy Note 7 cost it billions of dollars. The company is on top of the flash memory market with a record market share of 36.6 percent but it appears that its top position is under threat due to a move that Toshiba is making.

Samsung Files Trademark For ‘Gear Fit Pro’
In terms of fitness trackers, Samsung has the Gear Fit 2. However it is possible that Samsung could have another fitness tracker in the works. In a recent sighting by (via SamMobile), the company has filed for a trademark for the name “Gear Fit Pro” over in Europe which seems to suggest that they might have a new tracker that has yet to be announced.

Samsung Job Listing Confirms New AI Assistant For Galaxy S8
By all accounts Samsung is said to be getting ready to introduce a new voice assistant AI to the upcoming Galaxy S8 in the form of Bixby. Samsung has made references to Bixby on its website and even hinted about it when they talked about working with Google to nurture the AI space.


Galaxy S8 Now Rumored For 29th Of March Debut
Following the recent leak of a photo that is allegedly that of the Samsung Galaxy S8, we’re sure some of you guys are probably wondering when the phone will be announced. The good news is that we might have a date to look forward to thanks to a recent post by Evan Blass on VentureBeat in which he revealed that the phone could be announced on the 29th of March.

New Alleged Photos Of The Samsung Galaxy S8 Have Been Leaked
A little over a week ago, a photo was leaked online in which it showed off the alleged front panels of the upcoming Galaxy S8. It was hard to tell if those photos were the real deal, but thanks to a post on VentureBeat by famed leakster Evan Blass, new photos have surfaced which shows off the front and back of the phone.

Samsung Pay India Launch Teased
Samsung has reiterated time and again that it’s working hard to expand its mobile payments service to additional markets across the globe. We saw the company expand Samsung Pay to more than half a dozen new markets in 2016 and it’s going to continue doing this in 2017 as well. The company has already started teasing the Samsung Pay India launch.

Samsung Wants To Work With Google On AI
Samsung is expected to debut a new AI with the upcoming Galaxy S8 in the form of Bixby, which according to the rumors is the result of Samsung’s acquisition of Viv Labs. However despite Samsung planning on debuting their own AI, they want to work with Google on developing the technology further.

Massive Samsung Galaxy S8 Leak Reveals Additional Details
Rumors of the Samsung Galaxy S8 have been floating about for a while now, but thanks to a recent report from The Guardian, a bunch of details have made their way onto the internet. Some of them you guys might have heard before, and some of them you might not be familiar with.

Samsung May Start 7nm Chipset Production Early Next Year
Samsung is investing heavily to further extend its position in the semiconductor market. According to a new report out of South Korea, the company is now aiming to start manufacturing 7nm class chipsets by early next year. The company’s contract semiconductor manufacturing business has grown steadily over the past few years and it now contributes a major chunk to its revenues.

Samsung SDI To Invest $128 Million To Improve Battery Safety
A couple of days ago Samsung revealed the reasons why the Galaxy Note 7 handsets caught on fire. The company concluded that it was due to faulty batteries in which both their suppliers seemed to have run into different manufacturing issues, which is why the explosions continued even after the first round of recalls and the replacement of the batteries.

Samsung Expects AI To Be A Smartphone Differentiating Factor
Smartphones these days are more or less the same, and it cannot be helped as over the past 10 years, the market has become saturated and matured. However Samsung believes that smartphones models can still differentiate themselves from each other, and that is through artificial intelligence (AI).

Note 7 Apology From Samsung Sounded Credible, SincereEditor's Pick
In what is probably the final chapter of the Galaxy Note 7 recall and termination, Samsung has presented an apology and a technical explanation of the biggest smartphone phone commercial disaster to date. Samsung will lose at least $3 Billion dollars (some estimates were as high as $17B back Oct), and its market capitalization has lost Billions as well. But this could be the light at the end of the […]

Pink Lines Showing Up On Some Galaxy S7 Edge Displays
The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is approaching a year old which means it isn’t terribly old as far as smartphones are concerned. However it seems that there are signs that the hardware might be getting a bit old, at least for some users who are reporting that a pink link is showing up on one side of their display, as you can see in the photos above.