Samsung is a South-Korean conglomerate which counts many subsidiaries like Samsung Electronics, which you probably know very well, but also Samsung Heavy Industries which builds ships, or Samsung Life Insurance, Samsung Securities and many more. Samsung is responsible for an amazing 20% of South Korea’s exports. In the consumer electronics world, Samsung has gone from being a company with a reputation for cheap products to becoming one of the most respected companies in the world.

Samsung's Bixby Assistant Can Count Food Calories
Samsung wants Bixby to play a greater role in its ecosystem and it’s gradually expanding the assistant to more devices. The company has already confirmed at CES 2018 that all of its 2018 Smart TVs will be shipped with Bixby onboard in the United States. That being said, Samsung continues to work on new features for Bixby on smartphones. One such feature is the ability to count calories in food.

Foldable Samsung Smartphone Release Now Expected In December 2018
There have been a lot of rumors about a foldable Samsung smartphone but one has yet to materialize. Even though companies like ZTE have already brought this concept to reality, Samsung is yet to launch its foldable smartphone. If a new report is to be believed, the foldable Samsung smartphone may not be released until the end of this year.

Samsung To Bring Its SmartThings App Onto Its Smartwatches
[CES 2018] With the Apple Watch, users are capable of controlling some of their connected household appliances via the wearable, which makes perfect sense if you’d rather not walk around your home with your phone. The good news is that at CES 2018, Samsung has announced similar functionality for its Gear series of wearables.

Samsung Uses AI To Transform Any Video Content Into 8K
[CES 2018] At this point in time, 4K resolution is starting to become the standard, where we’re starting to see more TVs and displays and video content being offered in that resolution. However if we were to look towards the future, it’s safe to say that the future standard could be that of 8K.


Samsung Unveils The ‘Flip’, A Hi-Tech Digital Whiteboard
[CES 2018] Walk into any school or work place and chances of you finding a whiteboard in the corner of a meeting room is pretty high. Whiteboards are handy when it comes to jotting down information, brainstorming ideas, and more, and for the most part it is as low-tech as it comes since it involves a flat white surface and a marker pen.

Galaxy S8 Dolby Atmos Feature Not Included In Oreo Update
A purported stable build of Android 8.0 for the Galaxy S8+ surfaced online recently. Those who installed it found that it came with a feature that we’ve not seen before on Samsung’s smartphones. It introduced the Dolby Atmos feature and added a toggle in the Settings menu. While people thought that this meant they would get this feature in the public build of Oreo, Samsung has confirmed that the upcoming […]

Alleged Galaxy S9, S9+ RAM & Storage Variants Revealed
The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ are expected to be announced in perhaps the next month or so, and as expected the leaks have already started to come in, with the latest one from a post on Weibo (via SamMobile) giving us some clues as to what kind of RAM and storage variants that either phone could be offered in.

Samsung Unveils ‘The Wall’, A 146-inch Modular MicroLED TV
[CES 2018] Every year at CES, companies like Samsung love to show off their advancements in display technology and this was something we expected would happen again this year. Sure enough Samsung did not disappoint as the company has since taken the wraps off a TV unit called “The Wall” that is a 146-inch modular MicroLED display.

Samsung-Backed Company Launches World's First Wearable 360-Degree Camera
[CES 2018] LINKFLOW is a company that was spun out of Samsung’s Creative Lab internal accelerating program. The initiative gives Samsung employees time to work on their own projects and if they have the potential to succeed as separate companies, they’re spun off from the C-Lab division into companies backed by Samsung. LINKFLOW is one of them and its invention is what the company calls the world’s first and only […]

Samsung Unveils Their Next-Gen Family Hub Refrigerator
[CES 2018] Given how closely both Samsung and LG compete with each other across a variety of products ranging from TVs, smartphones, smartwatches, and home appliances (just to name a few), it doesn’t really come as a surprise that following LG’s announcement of their new Alexa-capable smart refrigerator, Samsung has also announced a new smart fridge of their own.

Leaked Oreo Build For Galaxy S8 Reveals Dolby Atmos Feature
If you’re someone who’s particularly fussy or concerned about the sound quality on their smartphones, there are several options out there, such as buying an external DAC or amplifier. Of course those can be pricey, but the good news is that Samsung might have a free solution for you.

Verizon's 5G Fixed Wireless Service Will Rely On Samsung Hardware
Samsung announced today that it has been selected by Verizon to supply commercial 5G Fixed Wireless Access network solutions. Verizon’s fixed wireless 5G service is due to be rolled out in five U.S. cities before the end of this year. Samsung and Verizon will begin the rollout starting with Sacramento, California in the second half of this year.

Samsung Creates Innovative SmartSuit For Olympic Skaters
Samsung Benelux has unveiled an innovative SmartSuit that it has created for Dutch Olympic skaters that will be taking part in the upcoming Winter Games in South Korea. It has also developed a companion app for the suit which pulls in the data from all of the sensors that are integrated into the suit. The SmartSuit has been custom-made for Dutch short trackers Sjinkie Knegt and Suzanne Schulting. It’s meant […]

Samsung Patents A Rollable OLED Display
A popular rumor that has been making its rounds is that Samsung could be working on a foldable smartphone. However following the release of such a device, could Samsung plan on using its foldable display tech in any other ways? According to a patent discovered by LetsGoDigital, perhaps a tablet could be next.