A couple of weeks ago, Samsung released an ad called “Growing Up” which was clearly aimed at Apple and their iPhones. We’re not sure if it was a coincidence or if Samsung was slightly prophetic because according to a recent survey conducted by Propeller Insights on behalf of Ebates (via Forbes), Samsung was right: adults want Samsung products.

The survey asked participants what devices they wanted for Christmas, and based on their findings, those who the survey deemed as adults said that they wanted the Samsung Galaxy S8. The survey found that 38% of adults said they wanted the device, versus teens in which only 28% said they wanted the Galaxy S8.

When it came to Apple’s new iPhones, it seems that the handsets are popular amongst teens, where 25% said they wanted the iPhone 8 Plus versus 23% in adults; 35% for the iPhone 8 versus 22% of adults; and 35% for the iPhone X versus 20% in adults. The survey does not mention why teens prefer iPhones and adults prefer Samsung, but it does provide some insight as to what kind of customers Apple/Samsung should be targeting.

It is also unclear why there were no other Android brands mentioned, so we’re not sure how other brands like LG, HTC, and so on would have fared.

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