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Mateo Smart Bathroom Mat for Body Monitoring
We are used to see a lot of connected scales at CES since the last 5 years, however smart bathroom mats that analyses body metrics are a little more unusual. We have seen a few of them as prototypes in recent years, like the Hi Mirror connected mat prototype paired with its connected mirror that displayed the recorded weight.The idea behind the Mateo Smart Bathroom Mat is the pervasive anxiety […]

Wahoo Balance Smartphone Scale Unveiled
Wahoo Fitness has announced the spanking new Balance Smartphone Scale which relies on Bluetooth Smart technology, where it is capable of keeping track of your weight and BMI over a period of time, while sending weigh-ins instantly to your iPhone or iPad App. You can place a pre-order today for $99 a pop, where shipments of the Wahoo Balance Smartphone Scale will start going out from the first week of […]

Perfect Portions scale helps you achieve your dietary goal
One of the main segments of maintaining a healthy diet would be to eat sensible portions, but for many of us, we aren’t too sure just how much of something makes up the right portion. Enter the Perfect Portions scale – this combination of a food scale and nutritional calculator will feature a pre-loaded database of 1,999 different foods, including the latent ability to store another 99 custom entries (presumably […]

Weigh to go helps check against excess luggage
Those who travel frequently know what a hassle it is when it comes to packing your baggage, ensuring that it does not surpass the weight limit in any way so that you won’t be slapped with exorbitant charges. Well, why not get the Weigh to go unit, as this device relies on a couple of Velcro straps as well as a lockable steel carabineer that prevents folks from stealing it. […]


Withings scale gets minor update
The Withings scale certainly brings a whole new dimension to your home as you see how much weight you have gained/lost each day, alongside essential details such as BMI among others, but now it comes with an update that integrates Google Health for better health record keeping. Google Health isn’t new at all as this service has been around for some time already, allowing you to maintain an online health […]

Doormat Scale
Want to spruce up your home with something different the moment people are going to step through your front door? How about the doormat scale – it does, after all, kill two birds with one stone, although it might step on the sensitivities of some visitors. Needless to say, you won’t want all the dirt and grime from outside end up all over your floors, hence the doormat, but make […]

Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale
Who would’ve thought that something as ordinary as a scale would end up with Wi-Fi functionality? The Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale not only looks as though it came out from some sort of science fiction movie, it is also very capable of beaming your current weight and body fat measurements to a Web dashboard, where the latter can be accessed via a free iPhone application. This helps you to keep […]