Perfect Portions scale helps you achieve your dietary goal

One of the main segments of maintaining a healthy diet would be to eat sensible portions, but for many of us, we aren’t too sure just how much of something makes up the right portion. Enter the Perfect Portions scale – this combination of a food scale and nutritional calculator will feature a pre-loaded database of 1,999 different foods, including the latent ability to store another 99 custom entries (presumably for it to have a localized feel since not all foods are universal). All you need to do is zero the scale, drop down your food and punch in the corresponding food code so that it knows exactly what it is measuring. All relevant nutritional statistics inclusive of its total weight will be displayed on an LCD screen that resembles the Nutrition Facts labels found on most food packaging. At $59.99 a pop, it does seem like an affordable and novel device to bring home.

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