We are used to see a lot of connected scales at CES since the last 5 years, however smart bathroom mats that analyses body metrics are a little more unusual. We have seen a few of them as prototypes in recent years, like the Hi Mirror connected mat prototype paired with its connected mirror that displayed the recorded weight.

The idea behind the Mateo Smart Bathroom Mat is the pervasive anxiety many people experience when they see their weight displayed on the scale. To prevent such emotional distress from happening and to encourage people to monitor their weight, the Mateo team invented a smart mat that seamlessly records users’ body metrics every day when they dry their feet without showing them the numbers if they do not want to know.

Many people have complicated feelings about knowing their weight. They know it is an important metric to track, but don’t want to start their day frustrated over even slight weight gains, and would rather lose the data point than step on the scale,” said Lenny Dahan, CEO of Mateo.

The patent-pending smart mat is made of an interchangeable cover that encloses the electronics that analyses users’ bodies and connect to their smartphones over Bluetooth or WiFi. The 7000 dot-pressure mapping technology recognizes each user and family member and delivers the body metrics in a compelling user interface from the companion mobile application that provides each user’s history with relevant dietary and exercise recommendations.

The Mateo Smart Bathroom Mat has been named a CES  2020 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Health & Wellness Category.

Mateo records a wide range of data: weight, muscle bone and fat mass, hydration, pressure footprint, balance, and posture. In addition to dietary and exercise recommendations, Mateo can detect bad posture and make recommendations for insoles or posture exercises. According to the company, Mateo’s mat and app do not send data to the public internet and follow strict privacy protocols to keep users’ data secure. The device will feature two power options: one product will be equipped with two slots of three triple A batteries and the other will feature two 5000 mAh battery, each battery will deliver 6-month of battery life.

Mateo will launch its crowdfunding campaign in February 2020, for $179 you will get two interchangeable covers and one device.

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Disclosure: Elaine Fiolet, co-founder, Ubergizmo is also an Advisor of the Mateo team. Mateo is part of the French Tech Pavilion with which we have a media partnership to cover the best innovations, Mateo is one of them.

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