Tobii S32 recorded speech device

The Tobii S32 recorded speech device is a unique gadget that enables one to communicate using pre-recorded messages which can be activated at the touch of a finger. Apart from pre-recorded messages, it also handles sounds or IR-signals simply by touching a sheet of printed symbols, pictures, or scenes. These messages can be recorded straight onto the Tobii S32 or through the Tobii SymbolMate software, where the latter allows a user to create page sets and print them out on virtually any printer. You can choose from Touch and Scan models of the Tobii S32, where the former will specifically target individuals who have the ability to touch pictures and symbols while the Tobii S32 Scan was developed for those who have difficulty controlling their hands to touch the pictures and symbols, using switches instead to make their choice in the grids or scenes. More features of both devices are available in the extended post. No word on pricing even on the product page itself, but we know it will hit the market this coming fall. [Press Release]

  • 60 hour recording time on 192 levels, in full quality
  • Uses standard AA batteries which, depending on usage, can last for several months
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Infrared (IR) control of toys
  • Designed to withstand the sometimes rough treatment children can give a device
  • Great sound, to help make a child’s voice heard
  • Fully integrated with Tobii SymbolMate
  • Easily printable page sets from any personal computer

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