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Nintendo 3DS Receives Screenshot Sharing Tool In Japan
Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime had some nice things to say about the company’s 3DS’ game sales over its two years of being available recently, and we’re sure he’ll have nothing but good things to say over a new feature that is currently available only in Japan.Nintendo of Japan has released a new web tool that can be used within the Nintendo 3DS’ Internet browser to be able to share […]

BBM on Android leaked screenshot
A while back, RIM made a statement claiming that they had no plans of bringing their BBM service over to other platforms (although there were rumors that suggested otherwise). At that time it was understandable given that BBM was one of the features that set Blackberry devices apart from other platforms. However with apps such as Whatsapp that allows for cross-platform message and iOS 5’s iMessage, BBM is facing some […]

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich screenshots leaked?
Want to know what the next version of Android is going to look like? Well you don’t have to wait anymore – provided the screenshots above are the real deal. The folks over at RootzWiki have published some photographs of a Nexus S running what is said to be Android 4.0, better known as Ice Cream Sandwich. According to them, the OS is still in its very early stages and […]

Nokia N9 won't be abandoned
By now we all know that the N9 will be Nokia’s first and last MeeGo device, and while it’s not for sale yet, Nokia is doing its best to allay any fears that consumers might have about buying the company’s last MeeGo device. According to a recent Tweet from Klas Strom, Head of Portfolio Management at Nokia, Nokia will be supporting the N9 for the next few years and the […]


Modern Reader: first Windows 8 app revealed?
Some screenshots of Modern Reader, a program supposedly designed for Windows 8 has surfaced on the internet, and shows off how it will look like on the operating system. The app that is said to be the default PDF reader on Windows 8 gives off a Metro-UI vibe, with its simplified designs and use of similar icons, which falls in line with previous reports we’ve heard about Windows 8 being […]

Yahoo iPad App Screenshots Surface
Screenshots of Yahoo’s iPad app have surfaced, and it certainly looks like they’re making good use of the iPad’s extra real estate. It’s only a few more days now till the iPad starts shipping. If you’ve already ordered your iPad, do you have any apps in mind that you’re planning to download? Check out some extra screenshots of the app after the jump.

Pictures And Details Of The Microsoft Courier Journal Surface
We’ve dug up some leaked user interface shots of the upcoming Microsoft Courier tablet device in the past, and now it seems that more pictures and a nice video of the device has surfaced on the Internet. From the latest info, it seems that the device will function as a digital journal, as well as being under an inch thick, weighing a little over a pound, and powered by the […]