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Samsung One UI 2 Lays Groundwork For Future Phone Designs
One UI 2, Samsung’s proprietary User Interface (UI), was outlined by Yoojin Hong (Vice President of the User Experience Design Team) during today’s SDC developer conference in San Jose.

Samsung New Vertical Folding Phone Design
During the Samsung Developer Conference 2019 keynote, Samsung was outlining One UI 2, its proprietary User Interface for Galaxy devices (and beyond).

Two New Samsung Galaxy Book Laptops At SDC 2019
During the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) in San Jose (California), Samsung has announced three new laptops aimed at “younger millennials” who don’t want to compromise on portability, no matter the task at hand. To address this market, Samsung proposes thin & light and ultralight solutions going from 13.3 to 15.6 inches displays.

This Is Samsung’s Foldable Phone, Revealed At SDCEditor's Pick
At the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) in San Francisco, we had our first glimpse of the Samsung foldable phone, which is going to be the first major folding phone whose technology is pretty much production-ready. This was widely anticipated since September, 


Samsung 360 Round, A Powerful VR Video Camera
As its name indicates, the Samsung round is a 360-degree high-resolution camera built to shoot Virtual Reality (VR) footage. It has 17 lenses to shoot in stereo from 8 different viewpoints (2×8) and one lens looking straight up, to avoid severe distortion at the top.

Samsung Bixby 2.0: Beyond Smartphones
Bixby, Samsung’s voice assistant, was launched in version 1.0 with the Galaxy S8 six months ago is going to be updated to 2.0 soon. Announced at the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) today, the new version will be much better and extend well beyond smartphones.

Samsung ARTIK Platform Aims At Removing IoT Pain Points
The Internet of Things, aka IoT, is a fast-growing, but complex space which is very much a technological wild west in terms of hardware, interoperability (or the lack of) and management. Even savvy users can see obvious pain points and gaps in the existing ecosystem.This creates an environment where large companies can easily believe that “land grabbing” and closing their system will give them an advantage. Others form consortiums along […]

Samsung Pay Can Be Used To Withdraw Money From ATMs
Mobile payment services like Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay are used to make purchases without the need for cash, but what if the place you went does not take either of these payment methods? The good news is that if you use Samsung Pay, the company has announced that you can now withdraw money from ATMs using the service.

Samsung Unveils Otto, Their Answer To Amazon’s Echo
You guys might be familiar with the Amazon Echo. It is basically a speaker that can also perform actions for its user, like you could tell it to order you a pizza and so on thanks to its built-in voice assistant, Alexa. That being said, the Echo has so far proven to be quite a success and it looks like Samsung could want in on the action as well.

Samsung Confirms They’re Working On Dedicated VR Headset
When it comes to virtual reality (VR), Samsung is one of the players in the game with the Gear VR. It is a perfectly fine headset but due to the fact that it has to be powered by your phone and also because of the lack of controllers, it is a bit limiting in what it can do compared to dedicated headsets like the HTC Vive.

Samsung Confirms Release Date Of Gear 360 VR Camera
Samsung has finally confirmed the release date of the Gear 360 VR camera which was announced earlier this year with the company’s new flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S7, and Galaxy S7 Edge. This camera allows anyone and everyone to easily capture 360-degree footage which can then be viewed using a VR headset like the Samsung Gear VR.