Image credit - Nicole Lee/Engadget

Image credit – Nicole Lee/Engadget

You guys might be familiar with the Amazon Echo. It is basically a speaker that can also perform actions for its user, like you could tell it to order you a pizza and so on thanks to its built-in voice assistant, Alexa. That being said, the Echo has so far proven to be quite a success and it looks like Samsung could want in on the action as well.

According to a report from Engadget, Samsung recently took the wraps off a prototype robot called the Otto at their developer conference today. At its core, the Otto appears to function similarly to the Amazon Echo as it will be able to understand users and the voice commands that they issue.

However there are some key differences, namely the fact that the Otto sports a display that can show a cute and friendly face, and also at the same time will be able to display information like animated raindrops and so on. Another key difference would be the fact that it comes with a HD camera behind its display that can be used to recognize faces and double up as a security camera.

Unfortunately the bad news is that for now, the Otto remains as a prototype device meaning that we probably should not expect Samsung to turn it into an actual product anytime soon, but we have to say that with the addition of the display and the camera (privacy concerns aside), we are intrigued.

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