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HTCDev website launches with OpenSense SDK
A few days ago we reported that HTC had plans to launch a web tool that would allow users to unlock their HTC device’s bootloaders. This is probably HTC’s way of getting around the carriers who probably would not have allowed the unlocked bootloader update to pass through, but it comes with a price, which is to say that by using the web tool there’s a chance that you could […]

AuthenTec releases SDK for fingerprint sensor applications on Android phones
When swiping weird patterns to unlock your Android device isn’t enough, perhaps it’s time to up the stakes with biometrics which is what AuthenTec had in mind when they recently released their SDK for fingerprint sensor applications on Android phones.

Kinect for Windows SDK Beta Updated
Developers who want to build Kinect applications under Windows can now download the latest Kinect for Windows SDK (Beta) from Microsoft. The update gives developers access to a new set of data that includes raw sensor data, which open the door to innovation at a very fundamental level, as developers could bypass/replace some of the Kinect logic provided by Microsoft.Microsoft has also added APIs to query data/results from Kinect’s natural […]

Source SDK to be made free
Valve sure is generous when it comes to giving out goodies to the gaming community. After recently making its well-loved team multiplayer game, Team Fortress 2, a free to play game – it turns out that they’re not done yet. The company has just announced that the Source SDK will soon become free to use in its entirety for everyone.For those of you who have no idea what the Source […]


Kinect SDK used to create Twitter client
The Official Kinect SDK was only released yesterday and it looks like folks have already started getting busy with it. James Pfaff, an intern at Microsoft came up with a simple Twitter client for the Kinect. He used hand gestures to select the characters, and voice commands to add spaces, confirm and delete characters. Judging by the video demonstration it doesn’t look like the fastest or most efficient way to […]

Microsoft Kinect SDK officially released
We previously wrote about Microsoft releasing the official Kinect SDK today, and it looks like the rumors were spot on. Microsoft has released the beta version of the official Kinect SDK on the Microsoft Research website today. Designed for non-commercial use only, the Kinect SDK is targeted at researchers, academics and hobbyists (the folks who have been coming up with all sorts of DIY Kinect projects all this while). These […]

Kinect Windows SDK arriving tomorrow?
Microsoft has previously made it known that it’ll be releasing the official Kinect SDK to developers sometime this year, but there hasn’t been any official date mentioned yet, until now. The official SDK that will allow Kinect developers to easily come up with more uses of the gaming motion controller, and find more creative ways to utilize the device has been reported to be arriving tomorrow. According to the folks […]

Bing Maps SDK for iOS released
Microsoft sure is working hard on bringing Bing over to iOS; they seem to have something new for Apple’s platform every few weeks. The company has officially released the Bing Maps SDK for iOS developers. What this means is that developers will now be able to embed Bing Maps inside their apps.The Bing Maps SDK will enable all the usual features such as gesture-based interaction, adding pushpins, overlays and the […]

Canon Hack Development Kit
There are a great deal of Canon pocket cameras out there that are designed to be simple to use, and sometime that means reducing the number of things that users can tweak. For those who want to use all the hardware capabilities of their Canon pocket camera, there is the free Canon Hack Development Kit, a.k.a CHDK.This is an unofficial camera firmware that exposes a lot of manual options to […]

Kinect used to control armchair
Yesterday at the MIX11 event, Microsoft demonstrated some of the new things that can be achieved with the Kinect motion controller. Microsoft created a special armchair that is completely controlled through the use of hand gestures that are read by the Kinect. The code to control the chair was created using the upcoming Kinect PC SDK that Microsoft will be releasing for developers to develop the Kinect using Visual Basic, […]

webOS 3.0 given an in-depth preview
The folks over at pre-central have gotten their hands on the HP webOS 3.0 SDK and explored every possible aspect of the operating system’s beta emulator. They then posted up an extremely in-depth preview of the operating system up online: an 18-minute long videos along with a 5,800+ word write up now grace the pages of the website. From what we can see so far, webOS 3.0 is looking brilliant. […]

Symbian source code released by Nokia (Updated)
Just to confirm with people that they’re finally done with the aging operating system, Nokia has released the source code to the latest version of Symbian to the public. Originally a job for the Symbian Foundation, Nokia took over when the foundation closed its doors late last year. Now that the code for the Symbian platform is out in the wild, as well as the SDK and build tools; other […]

BlackBerry Social Platform goes public
RIM has officially announced the public beta release of the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) Social Platform. BB developers can now make use of the massive BBM user base (28 million+ users) for their upcoming apps and projects. The BBM Social Platform will give the developer community access to APIs that will allow them to create apps that feature BBM chatting, file transferring, app sharing, and more. After rumors about the BlackBerry […]

Microsoft releasing Kinect Software Development Kit this spring
Great news for all Kinect hackers and enthusiasts out there – Microsoft will be releasing a Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Kinect on Windows 7. No longer will users have to rely on the raw data that they’ve been extracting from the device with custom open source software for their mods and hacks – they will soon get official tools to unleash the full power of the Kinect. The […]

3rd iOS SDK 4.3 beta to be seeded today?
According to some reports online, iOS developers will be receiving the third beta version of iOS 4.3 by today. It hasn’t been officially announced what will be in this beta, but as with each iOS 4.3 beta release, expect to discover more hints about Apple’s upcoming products. The next iOS 4.3 will probably include features that will be released in conjunction with The Daily, Apple’s iPad newspaper that will be […]

Qualcomm Shows Augmented Reality Demo And Announces Developer Challenge
Augmented reality (AR) is always an interesting technology, and it’s often used in games. What if developers were to take things one step further, and offer AR multiplayer gaming over different platforms? Qualcomm seems to be a supporter of AR, as it has launched an AR game studio, and is sponsoring a $200,000 developer challenge, and also offers a free software development kit. The company has churned out a proof-of-concept […]

Litl catches attention with new web-connected TV device
Litl aims to capture the imagination (while making some money in the process, of course) of the masses by rolling out a new web-connected TV device that will roll out sometime early next year, where it will further extend the reach of its intuitive software platform by releasing an Adobe Flash 10.1-based software development kit (SDK) to the masses beforehand. Litl has faith that their platform’s use of Flash is […]

Samsung Bada Public SDK is now available
Looks like Samsung has just gone public with their Bada SDK, making it available to the masses so that home enthusiasts as well as hobbyists will be able to churn out their very own widgets and apps. Of course, this will be a success if more and more folks adopt Bada-powered smartphones, but otherwise expect this to come across as a niche offering only. Previously, Samsung did make new SDK […]

iPhone SDK 3.2 gone gold
No, this has nothing to do with the Olympics or World Championships, but it is of equal importance to those who live and breathe Apple – paying members of Apple’s iPhone Developer Program can now access the Gold Master seed of the iPhone SDK for OS 3.2. What is the big hoo-ha for this, you ask? Well, for the uninitiated, this would be the maiden version of the operating system […]

Windows Phone 7 SDK and tools available, for free
Microsoft is making a remarkable re-entry into the mobile application development at Mix. Starting right now, development tools for Windows Phone 7 are available, for free, at To get an idea of what the tools do, I would recommend you to look at the keynote that was broadcasted at, but the basic idea is that Windows Phone 7 development looks sweet. Web-based applications seem fairly easy to build, […]