Bing Maps Street View

Microsoft sure is working hard on bringing Bing over to iOS; they seem to have something new for Apple’s platform every few weeks. The company has officially released the Bing Maps SDK for iOS developers. What this means is that developers will now be able to embed Bing Maps inside their apps.

The Bing Maps SDK will enable all the usual features such as gesture-based interaction, adding pushpins, overlays and the ability to display a user’s location on third-party iOS apps. With pretty much every location-based app relying on Google Maps at the moment, it’s nice to see a fresh face on the scene.

Now that app developers have an alternative map service to use in their iOS apps instead of Google Maps, we wonder how Google is going to react to this. We can probably expect Google to unveil more features in order to entice both old and new developers to choose their mapping service over Bing. Who here prefers Bing Maps over Google Maps for iOS?

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