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iOS 13.5 Makes It Easier To Unlock An iPhone While Wearing A Mask
When Apple first introduced Face ID, they claimed to have worked with mask makers to ensure that even if the person wears a mask similar to the user’s face, it will not cause the phone to unlock. So far, Face ID has been quite successful, but in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, this has created a problem.

Microsoft Doesn’t Believe Thunderbolt Is Secure Enough For Its Computers
These days, we’re starting to see more computers come with Thunderbolt 3 ports. This comes on the heels of computer makers ditching more traditional ports in favor of USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 which are interchangeable and use the same cable. However, if there is one company that is sitting out on this, it would be Microsoft.

More Rumors Of A 2020 iPhone Launching With In-Display Touch ID Sensor
We’re sure that some were disappointed when Apple chose to kill off Touch ID on the iPhone and replace it with Face ID. However, in the recent months, we’ve started to hear rumors that Touch ID for the iPhone might not be completely dead and that such a device could very well launch in 2020.

160,000 Nintendo User Account Information Leaked
Before Nintendo established its new online service for the Switch, the company relied on what was known as the Nintendo Network ID (NNID). Unfortunately, it seems that somehow hackers have managed to obtain access to at least 160,000 NNID accounts where they have managed to steal login IDs, passwords, and other user information stored in those profiles.


Apple Downplays iOS Email Exploit, Says No Evidence Of Exploit Being Used
The other day, researchers revealed that they had discovered a vulnerability in the email app on iOS devices. This vulnerability is quite serious because it seems that users don’t even need to open the email in order for it to be exploited. All that needs to happen is that the person receives it and the attacker can then execute code remotely.

Zoom 5.0 Released With Improved Security And Encryption Features
In what should have been a fantastic year for video conferencing app Zoom turned out to be something of a nightmare. The app has been plagued with a number of security and privacy issues, ultimately forcing the company to suspend the introduction of new features and instead focus on cleaning up the app.

Apple Investigating Newly-Discovered iOS Email Exploit
If you use Apple’s Mail app on your iPhone or iPad, it might be time to consider using another application to check your emails. This is because according to a report from security research firm ZecOps, a potential zero-day exploit has been discovered that could allow attackers to remotely run code on affected devices.

Next-Gen iPad Could Feature In-Display Touch ID Sensor
While there’s no disputing the security and accuracy of Apple’s Face ID system, it’s hard to ignore the fact that it is simply not quite as convenient as Touch ID. We’re sure that some iPhone users were bummed when Touch ID was replaced with Face ID, but recent rumors have suggested that Apple is still working on creating an in-display version of Touch ID.

Over 500,000 Zoom Accounts Are Being Sold On The Dark Web
Zoom’s explosion in popularity should have been a great thing, but unfortunately, it only exposed the app’s security and privacy flaws which could compromise accounts. Unfortunately for Zoom, it looks like the company’s troubles are far from over because according to a report from BleepingComputer, it appears that over half a million Zoom accounts are being sold on the dark web and hacker forums.

Google Is Banning Employees From Using Zoom On Their Work Laptops
In the past few months, Zoom has enjoyed an explosion in popularity. However, this popularity put the app under a very bright spotlight in which several privacy and security related issues were discovered. This has led to some organizations, such as school districts, to ban the use of the app.

Safari Flaw Would Have Allowed Hackers To Hijack iOS And macOS Device’s Webcam And Microphone
One of the concerns that many of us have with devices with built-in cameras and microphones, it would be whether or not these hardware features could be used to spy on us. This is why some people choose to tape over their microphones and cameras on their computers to prevent this from happening.

iOS 14 Could Introduce More Robust Password Management Features
Apple’s iOS platform comes with a password manager. Known as the iCloud Keychain, basically this helps users remember their passwords for websites and apps that require a login. However, it is rather basic at best, where if you wanted more advanced features, you might need to resort to using a third-party password manager.

Schools In New York Are Banning Zoom Over Security Concerns
Zoom has been discovered to contain quite a bit of vulnerabilities regarding its security and privacy. More recently, it seems that the app has been found to be routing some of its calls made in North America through China, which has raised some concerns regarding the privacy of the app.

Zoom Updates macOS Installer To Remove Malware-Like Exploit
Zoom’s explosion in popularity has put the company under a microscope, where it was discovered that there were certain practices made by the company that were a bit concerning. One of which involved the way they approached the installer for the macOS version of the app, which was discovered to be a bit shady.