Sennheiser HD 700 headphones announced

[CES 2012] Sennheiser, the German audio specialists have announced its new high-end headphones at CES today: the HD 700. Featuring a sleek, futuristic design that’s eye-pleasing the HD 700 is touted to sound as good as it looks. One thing you’ll notice is the oddly shaped ear cups – instead of the regular circles or oblong shapes we’ve come to know, the HD 700 has a specially designed shape that […]

Sennheiser RS 220 wireless headphones for audiophiles

Looking to blow a whole wad of cash on a brand new set of headphones? Sennheiser’s new “Audiophile-quality” product might do the trick. At CES Unveiled today, the company announced the launch of the RS 220 wireless headphones. Designed to combine high-end quality with absolute freedom of movement, the RS 220 is perfect for audiophiles who want to listen to high quality audio yet walk around.

Sennheiser introduces new HD 200 and HD 400 series headphones

Looking for some new headphones from Sennheiser? Maybe the audio specialist’s upcoming lineup could be what you’re looking for. The company has just announced the introduction of its new HD 200 and HD 400 series headphones. Featuring a “significant acoustic upgrade” from the stock headphones you get with your music devices/phones, these headphones also serve as fashion statements judging by the bold colors and designs.The HD 200 Series are the […]

Sennheiser CX 880i headphones gets bumped

Sennheiser’s high-end CX 880i ear-canal headphones has been chosen to be this month’s “Headphone of the Month“, finally making its way to the monthly promotion by Sennheiser that was designed to encourage music lovers so that they are able to experience the premium sound that is normally associated with Sennheiser.This promotion period will allow potential customers to pick up a pair of CX 880i headphones from an authorized Sennheiser dealer, […]


Sennheiser Launches Four New Headsets

Folks who are in the market with some serious money to burn will be happy to hear that Sennheiser has launched four new headsets in the US, namely the PC 360, PC 333D, PC 330, and PC 163. The PC 360 is the flagship model that features a noise-canceling microphone on the left which will mute itself when you swivel it out of the way. A volume wheel is integrated […]

Sennheiser PX 100-IIi and PX 200-IIi fits into pockets perfectly

Sennheiser’s PX 100-IIi and PX 200-IIi headphones are models which ought to find their place in you pockets nicely, since they can be folded up when not in use. Whoever said that big sound needs a whole lot of space? Both of them are lightweight in nature, where the PX 100-IIi will come with an in-line microphone, while the PX 200-IIi will work better in noisier environments thanks to a […]

Sennheiser IE 8i ear-canal earphones comes with microphone

Mention Sennheiser and you will definitely have the image of great sounding audio in your mind (or should we say, ears?). Well, the company is back this time round with their Sennheiser IE 8i high-end ear-canal earphones with an in-line microphone to boot. Touted to deliver extremely lifelike sound reproduction, it also paves the way for individual bass adjustment in order to suit different listening needs and tastes. Both precision […]

Sennheiser MM 70i earphones deliver sound in style

Are you a fashionista who needs to keep up to date with the latest happenings on the runway, introducing them to your mates while enjoying seeing some of them turn green with envy? Why not keep your audio equipment in fashion as well thanks to Sennheiser’s latest eye-catching MM 70i ear-canal earphones? Crafted for mobile use, they will merge clear stereo sound and rich bass into a single $129.95 purchase. […]

Sennheiser HD 218i and HD 238i offers great audio quality in a sleek package

Want something different for your ears? Why not let Sennheiser keep you happy with the new HD 218i (above) and HD 238i on-the-ear headsets? Both of them will come in an attractive, sleek design, boasting Sennheiser’s proven acoustic systems that are capable of delivering powerful sound. While the HD 238i will be the more balanced between the two, the HD 218i ain’t no performance slouch either, featuring stronger low-end response […]

Sennheiser Unveils Its 500 Series High-end Headphones

Sennheiser has announced its latest high-end range of headphones in the form of the 500 series. These headphones boast EAR (Eargonomic Acoustic Refinement) technology, which sounds quite cute. Aside from word play, the headphones use neodymium magnets and duofol diaphragms, a gold-plated 6.3mm audio jack and a frequency response of 12Hz to 38,500Hz to offer a good sound experience. The 500 Series will include the HD598 which is padded with […]

Sennheiser Announces New Wireless Headphones

Sennheiser has just announced three new wireless headphones that promise to deliver high-resolution, movie-theater-quality audio via uncompressed wireless transmission from Kleer, and are equipped with dynamic transducers. The Kleer transmission technology used in these headphones operates without compression and can be used without any audio detail loss. One of the main differences between the three models is the maximum distance that they can operate under, with the RS 160 listed […]

Sennheiser PX 210 Bluetooth headphones

Sennheiser has rolled out its PX 210 Bluetooth headphones which supposedly lasts up to a dozen hours of non-stop audio playback before running out of juice (or most probably your device will need a recharge first), where it comes with the customary 10 meter range associated with Bluetooth-enabled devices and apt-X coding (a commercial-grade compression technology). Unfortunately, the PX 210 is not all sunshine and roses, as it is listen-only, […]

Sennheiser/adidas sports earphones

[CES 2010] Sennheiser has come together with sporting giant Adidas to unveil the Sennheiser/adidas sports earphones which was specially developed to meet the needs of athletes, but it does make you ponder – you don’t see Usain Bolt tearing up the tracks while listening to Taylor Swift on his iPod, do you? Perhaps they mean those who lead an active lifestyle – now that we can believe. These earphones are […]

Sennheiser PC 11 and PC 100 headsets

Sennheiser is no stranger when it comes to quality headsets, and they have just released the PC 11 and PC 100 models for the masses who deal with computers on an almost daily basis. The former is a single-sided headset that features a mic and ear hooks, enabling one to wear it on either ear, requiring just one hand to operate. The omnidirectional mic ensures excellent audio quality and the […]