Sennheiser/adidas sports earphones

[CES 2010] Sennheiser has come together with sporting giant Adidas to unveil the Sennheiser/adidas sports earphones which was specially developed to meet the needs of athletes, but it does make you ponder – you don’t see Usain Bolt tearing up the tracks while listening to Taylor Swift on his iPod, do you? Perhaps they mean those who lead an active lifestyle – now that we can believe. These earphones are robust, sweat resistant and water resistant as well. Featuring a special fin design that takes slightly more effort to slip it in than a standard pair of earphones, the payoff is well worth it since your earphones would more or less stay in place regardless of how much you punish yourself physically in the workout. Of course, there was no place on the showfloor to run around to test the fins’ effectiveness, but a head bangin’ session with their iPod shuffles saw the headphones stay in place. You will be able to choose from the OMX 680 Sports, MX 680 Sports, CX 6809 Sports and PMX 680 Sports models, where all of them come with a variety of eartips, a case and a volume control connector. Sweet!

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