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Roku LT (2400X) makes FCC appearance
The FCC must have had a field time recently, playing around with yet another unidentified Roku LT player known only by its model number – 2400X. The model number does seem to point towards it being a previous generation device, considering the Roku 2 range begins with “30”.It will be marketed as the Roku LT and will most probably be part of the new low-cost member of the range, and […]

GameTanium arriving on set-top boxes
Over a month ago, we covered GameTanium, a service that allowed users with Android tablets and phones to rent games for a fixed monthly fee instead of forking out hard earned cash to play a new game each time. Well it looks like Extent (the company behind GameTanium) has plans to reach out to a wider audience – by bringing its services over to Android set-top boxes as well. The […]

Your own social network in a set-top box?
Social networking has been on everyone’s lips for some time already, what with Facebook vanquishing their foes for quite some time already – although they might be getting a new competitor in the form of Google+. Well, how about going about on a new social network known as the Freedom Box, where you can add it to any home network in the form of a small $100 server? Of course, […]

Acer Revo RL100 media center arrives at the US
Acer’s Revo RL100 media center is now available Stateside, which is a good half year after said box hit the Asian continent. Well, better late than never, no? Touted to be a digital hub, the Revo RL100 is no slouch when it comes to performance as well as versatiliy, where it will be poweed by a 1.3GHz AMD Athlon II K325 processor, hosting a 720GB hard drive, 4GB RAM, a […]


Roku does Angry Birds now with casual gaming involvement
Casual games are clearly one of the more popular apps that you see installed across a wide range of platforms, ranging from tablets to smartphones and computers. Well, Roku’s range of boxes have certainly gone through some revisions over time and improved in many aspects, moving on from just streaming Netflix originally. Roku now intends to make the foray into casual gaming, and one of the surefire titles to kick […]

YouTube removed from Roku
As most of you Roku owners would know, the set top box doesn’t come with an official channel for you to stream YouTube videos on the set top box. However, an unofficial, unlicensed channel was created as a workaround, and it has been used for quite some time now, and the instructions on how to get it even appeared on the official Roku FAQ. However, those days of streaming YouTube […]

Cisco ISB7005 IPTV set top box goes through FCC
Cisco has just sent their ISB7005 IPTV set top box to the FCC, and it is a good thing that said device has passed through the FCC’s hoops with more than flying colors. It will come equipped with 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi connectivity for you to set up your home entertainment system anywhere you like, as long as you are within vicinity of a wireless network. The ISB7005 will play nice […]

Microsoft to be competing in the TV set top box business?
According to the Seattle Times, they believe that Microsoft will be entering the TV set top box business with a stripped down version of Microsoft Windows. Apparently because Google TV hasn’t been doing so well and there’s still room for competition against the Apple TV, Microsoft would do well by introducing their own set top boxes running Windows Media Center. The new Windows TV boxes have apparently been spotted online […]

Amino Freedom set top box ready to hit the market
Amino has a spanking new Freedom box that is ready to rock the market, featuring an Intel CE4100m Atom processor running underneath the hood in addition to 500GB of internal storage, an SD memory card slot, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity as well as 1GB RAM to kick things off. Apart from that, it also boasts its very own Amino-branded version of Nokia’s MeeGo OS, which means you will be able […]

Talking Freeview set top box is first in the world
Smart Talk and Goodmans come together to roll out what is deemed to be the world’s first talking Freeview set top box, where it comes complete with a nifty text-to-speech option that will help users who struggle with on screen words. This Text-To-Speech (TTS) capability will target specific groups including elderly, blind or partially sighted, as well as dyslexic folks, where all of them deal with Electronic Programming Guides (EPG), […]

Google Smart TV Just Around The Bend?
We’ve previously heard quite a few rumors and hints regarding Google’s upcoming venture into the TV scene. Now word is out that the venture will be called Smart TV. While it hasn’t been confirmed yet, information on Smart TV is expected to be shared at the Google I/O conference that is just around the corner. If the rumors all come together, these set-top boxes would offer folks easy access to […]

Google TV ready to rock and roll
Google seems to be interested in dipping their fingers across a wide range of devices, and we have whiff of Google TV in the works. This ambitious platform looks set to deliver web content to Android-based set-top boxes as well as TVs through a series of partnerships including Sony, Intel and Logitech among others. Google has hopes that this new platform will be able to break the previous failures of […]

Asus looks to wireless capable O!Play hub
There are several sources in the industry that point towards Asus mulling over the inclusion of wireless capability to the PC-to-display streaming TF-600 media player from Taifatech which will see action in a set-top box. Should these reports hold water, then the extension ought to be able to introduce instant transmission of full HD content from both standard wired Ethernet networks as well as over Wi-Fi. Apart from that, the […]

Sky+HD 1TB now available
There is a new Sky+HD box available for grabs as long as you can pony up £249, and this puppy is able to store up to 1TB worth of data – that is basically four times as much storage space compared to its predecessor, which translates to 10 entire days of High Definition programs at any one time. This would prove to be a rather puzzling dilemma – if you […]