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Apple's 4K Movie Plans Are Apparently Being Spoiled By Hollywood
Apple is expected to launch an upgraded Apple TV set-top box recently. The device is expected to bring support for 4K Ultra High-Definition resolution. Apple will also need to arrange 4K content if it wants people to leverage the full power of its new set-top box. However, if a new report is to be believed, Hollywood isn’t playing ball with Apple as far as the pricing of the movies is […]

New Amazon Fire TV With 4K And Alexa Support Announced
We had been hearing for a while now that Amazon is going to unveil a new set-top box in the very near future and that’s precisely what it has done today. It has unveiled the second-generation Amazon Fire TV which is a big step up from the predecessor. Two things stand out of the rest: the fact that it has support for 4K and that there’s Alexa integration, Alexa is Amazon’s virtual […]

Roku 3 Review
Roku devices have been streaming Internet content since 2008. That would explain why every streaming content player, except for iTunes, supports the Roku brand. Unlike Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV, Roku does not have any content to push for. Roku has also opted for the “open source” format, like Boxee, allowing 3rd parties to provide “Private Channels”, another source of content for the Roku devices.The latest Roku generation (Gen […]

Apple TV Bloomberg App Brings 24 Hour Live News Stream
Cupertino’s set-top box, the Apple TV, has received quite a lot of new content partners this year. Apple isn’t done adding new partners, Apple TV has now received a couple of new apps from content partners. There’s a Watch ABC app through which users can stream content from local ABC affiliates. KOR TV is a Korean language channel which can be streamed through the set-top box now. Crackle app brings movies […]


Time Warner Cable Open To Including Netflix On Its Set-Top Boxes
Time Warner Cable announced they will be adding its TWC TV application to another platform this week, with many speculating it might possibly land on either the Apple TV or Google Chromecast. It looks like Time Warner Cable isn’t just thinking of expanding its service to other platforms, but also embracing another video streaming service onto its own set-top boxes.

Cube TV Kit Transforms Your Android Tablet Into A Set-Top Box
The Cube TV kit allows you to turn your Android tablet into a set-top box.

Amazon Expected To Release Set-Top Box For Streaming Videos
Amazon has already single-handedly shaken up the tablet market with its Kindle, and it looks like the company may be looking for expand its consumer electronics presence by planning to introduce a set-top box some time later this year.According to people with knowledge of the matter speaking with Bloomberg, Amazon’s set-top box will connect to a person’s television to provide access to Amazon’s video services, one of which will certainly include […]

Comcast Encrypting Basic Cable In The Near Future
The FCC permitted cable providers to encrypt basic cable towards the end of last year and now Comcast has detailed its plans for moving ahead with cable encryption. Those who do not use a CableCard enabled device or a Comcast set-top box will need to install an adapter so that they can keep watching encrypted cable. That is why Comcast has already begun telling its subscribers in some markets that […]

Roku Hits 5 Million Roku Players Milestone
It was all the way back in May 2008 when Roku launched their maiden player that was capable of streaming entertainment directly to the TV, where some have dubbed it to be “the Netflix player,” as Netflix was the first available channel back then. Roku’s effort enabled consumers to stream thousands of TV and movie titles on their TVs instantly, courtesy of a speedy Internet connection. Since then, half a […]

Microsoft Works On New Set Top Box?
There are whispers going around at the moment that Microsoft is currently working on a device that will rival the Apple TV when it is released, but it does come with an advantage – to feature casual gaming. Different sources on the ground do report of claims that Microsoft’s strategy of spinning off a new set-top box range is to help supplement its future Xbox strategy. Apparently, it is part […]

ADB-01 Android Set Top Box
The ADB-01 Android Set Top Box that hails from China might soon be one of many of such similar devices that flood the market, and for those who are looking for a hassle free and cheap manner to transform your standard TV into a media center of sorts, then the ADB-01 Android Set Top Box might just fit the bill nicely. Underneath the hood, we find a 1GHz Rockchip RK2918 […]

Philips HMP2000 lets you stream wireless video on your regular TV
Philips has just launched the HMP2000, its new set-top box that is designed to compete against Roku, Apple TV and other set top boxes. Designed to plug into your TV’s HDMI port, this set top box features built-in WiFi for you to stream video and images from your home network to your TV. It also packs a USB port for those times when you don’t want to go through the […]

Comcast sends Parker set top to the FCC?
Comcast intends to expand their business further by experimenting with web-connected cable boxes, and as we all know, most, if not all, devices in the consumer electronics market will need to go through the watchful eyes of the FCC before they can be released to the masses. Comcast knows this, and the Pace-manufactured “Parker” might have just sneaked to the FCC’s hallways, awaiting approval. Label examples and a user manual […]

Lenovo A30 Internet TV Set Top Box is powered by VIA Nano
VIA technologies announced today that it will be providing its VIA Nano processors to power Lenovo’s A30 Internet TV Set Top Box that was launched today in Shanghai. The Set top box will feature a 1.2GHz VIA Nano processor and VIA VX900 media system processor which provides full compatibility with mainstream video and audio formats. The new set top box will support picture-in-picture as well as a “one-touch button” to […]