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iOS 14.2 Brings Shazam To Control Center
When it comes to identifying songs you hear in public or on the radio, Shazam is one of those apps. However, to launch Shazam would need to look for the app, launch it, or you can also launch Siri and use Shazam through it. However, Apple is hoping to make the process a little faster.

Shazam For Android Can Now Recognize Music Playing On Your Phone
Shazam is a great app if you want to find out the name of the song and artist that is currently playing on radio or TV. However, what if you wanted to find out the name of a song that’s being played on a video on your phone itself? The good news is that Shazam now has the answer to that problem.

Shazam For iOS Lets You Share To Instagram Stories
One of the benefits of Instagram Stories is that it is temporary. This means that content that might not necessarily fit into your profile can be shared there. For example if you’re a photographer that uses Instagram as their portfolio, uploading a selfie or a photo of your lunch probably doesn’t fit the overall aesthetics that you might be going for.

Shazam Will Now Be Ad-Free For All Users
Some of you may recall that Apple announced its intention to acquire song recognition service Shazam in December last year. It never revealed how much it paid for the service but reports claim that the deal is worth $400 million. Apple has now closed its Shazam acquisition and the company has announced that the Shazam app is now going to be ad-free for all users.


Apple’s Purchase Of Shazam Cleared By The EU
When Apple announced their plans to acquire Shazam, one of the obstacles that they faced was over in Europe where there were several countries in the region that raised some objections to the acquisition. This was over concerns that Apple’s acquisition of Shazam could result in them cutting out the competition.

Apple’s Acquisition Of Shazam To Be Approved By EU Regulators
Late last year, Apple announced their plans to acquire music recognition service Shazam. However as is the case with all acquisitions, certain regulatory hurdles need to be cleared to ensure that everything is proper and that it won’t result in a monopoly. A few months ago, it seemed like Apple might have hit a snag over in Europe, but it looks like it has since been cleared.

Apple’s Acquisition Of Shazam Under Investigation By The EU
Late last year Apple announced that they would be acquiring music recognition app Shazam. Given that Shazam is already integrated into iOS via Siri, we suppose this acquisition made sense. It also seemed like a relatively straightforward acquisition but it seems that Apple is running in some obstacles.

Apple Seeking Regulatory Approval For Shazam Acquisition
Last year Apple announced their plans to acquire Shazam which seemed like a pretty straightforward deal, however they did run into some trouble with the EU whereby some countries felt that Apple acquisition could have “adverse effects” on the competition. This made the whole deal a lot more complicated.

Shazam For iOS Updated With New Interface, Real-Time Lyric Syncing
While music-recognition app Shazam was good at doing what it was designed to do, its user interface generally left quite a bit to be desired where it felt cluttered and sometimes a bit confusing. However the good news for Shazam users is that it looks like the app has been updated with a considerably cleaner interface.

EU To Look Into Apple’s Acquisition Of Shazam
Late last year following the rumors, Apple announced that they would be acquiring song recognition service Shazam. Apple and Shazam have worked together in the past, where way back in 2014, Apple integrated Shazam into iOS where users could use Siri to ask for song identification (which admittedly wasn’t necessarily faster).

Cortana Unable To Recognize Songs Anymore
Cortana has many features and song recognition used to be one of them. You could ask Microsoft’s digital personal assistant to listen to a song and let you know who it was from. That’s no longer going to be possible, though, as the closure of another Microsoft service has resulted in this Cortana feature biting the dust. Cortana can no longer identify songs on demand. This is due to Microsoft’s […]

Shazam For iOS Updated With Offline Mode
In order for music identifying apps like Shazam to work, you will need an internet connection. This is because the music/TV show that is being recognized has to be matched against a database which obviously isn’t stored on the phones of all users. This means that if you’re somewhere with poor or no internet connection, Shazam won’t work, at least until now.

Apple Confirms Acquisition Of Music Recognition Service Shazam
The other day it was rumored that Apple could be looking to acquire music recognition service Shazam. As it turns out the rumors were true because Apple has since confirmed the acquisition to the folks at 9to5Mac. As expected they did not dive into the details of the acquisition, save for saying that they have “exciting plans” in store.

Apple Reportedly Looking To Acquire Shazam
Shazam was one of the first music recognition apps available for smartphones back in the day, and its functionality has since expanded where it can also recognize TV shows. Apple has also integrated the app and its functionality into iOS, where users can ask Siri to Shazam songs without having to launch the app itself.