Tools like Shazam are great for identifying songs you hear on TV and radio. However, the problem is that sometimes it doesn’t listen to a song long enough and gives up too early. If that is a problem you’ve been having with Shazam, then there is some good news for you.

According to a recent update to Shazam in the iOS App Store, the changelog says that one of the changes to the app is that it will now listen to songs for a longer period of time. The changelog reads, “Shazam now finds more songs by trying harder, for longer.” We’re not sure how much longer it will attempt to listen to a song before giving up, but at least now it will try for a longer period of time.

How apps like Shazam works is that “fingerprints” of a song are uploaded to its servers. These are what identifies a song, so when the app is listening to a song played on the radio or from a TV show or through speakers in a mall, it will attempt to match that sound with what it has on file.

By allowing the app more time to try and pick up audio cues, there is a chance that it can gather more data to make a match, especially if the source isn’t particularly good, like for example music playing over a mall’s speakers in a crowded environment, or if it’s a song in the background of a TV show that the characters are talking over.

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