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Apple Online Store Offering Same-Day Delivery In Certain Areas
Countless people use Apple’s online store every single day to order the company’s products, which they usually receive within a couple of days, with the obvious exception of new and in-demand products like the Apple Watch. The company has added a new “courier delivery” option to its online store which is going to provide same-day delivery to customers in certain areas, basically it will ship items to customers on the very […]

Apple Offers Free Next-Day Shipping On All iPhone Models In U.S.
Let’s just say you happened to catch our coverage of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and you still think the iPhone is the smartphone for you. You could head on down to your local Apple Store or carrier store to pick one up, but in this digital age, there’s nothing quite like being able to order something from the comfort of your living room wearing only boxers. Shopping on Apple’s website would […]

Barnes & Noble NOOK The Simple Touch Reader now shipping
For those of you who’ve been clamoring to get your hands on Barnes & Noble’s new NOOK eReader, you’re in luck. The company has just announced that it has started shipping the new NOOK yesterday, getting the pre-ordered devices to customers well ahead of schedule.

Hitachi iPJ-AW250N Ultimate Interactive Projector now shipping
Hitachi America has just announced that its iPJ-AW250N Ultimate Interactive Projector is now shipping. You might be wondering what’s so special about this projector, well firstly, it’s a short throw projector, meaning that it can display large images a short distance away from its targeted surface. Secondly, the graphics that it projects are interactive. Using a special pen-size Interactive Control, users can write, draw, manipulate and resize projected images.The iPJ-AW250N […]


Kno dual-screen tablet shipping within the next 60 days
The Kno dual-screen tablet that was supposed to ship months ago will finally be making its way into the hands of eager customers. According to some reports, pre-order customers have been receiving calls to let them know that the tablet will be arriving within the next 60 days. It has also been stated that pre-order customers who didn’t get a phone call won’t be getting their tablets within the 60 […]

AnyBots QB shipping out this week
The telepresence business robots what we first reported on during the middle of last year are finally making its way to customers worldwide. AnyBots, creator of the QB telepresence robots have announced that customers who have pre-ordered the QB will be receiving their orders this week and customers who purchase them today will receive them in March. The AnyBots QB is a robot that allows you to attend meetings and […]

Notion Ink Adam tablet ready to ship
Notion Ink’s Adam tablet has had some trouble getting itself into the hands of eager buyers but there is some good news for folks who decided to put down money for the device. Reports are in that the company has finally managed to get the issue of the FCC ID codes sorted out and the device is now being shipped. With many folks even claiming that the tablet was vaporware, […]

HP Slate Rumored To Already Be Shipping
The HP Slate is one of the more anticipated Windows-powered tablet devices out there and word is going around that the tablet has begun to ship. A reader out there has reported that his tablet is already on the way from Shanghai and he already has the PDF file as proof. If all this turns out to be true, then the tablet should be arriving pretty soon and we’re eager […]

CTL 2goPad Up For Pre-order And Shipping On Oct 15
CTL has begun to ship its 2goPad, which is its own 10-inch tablet offering. The tablet is powered by Windows 7 and features components typically found in netbooks, such as a 1.66GHz Intel Atom N450 processor, 2GB of RAM, 250GB hard drive, Wi-Fi, and up to 5 hours of battery life. Other connectivity options include an Ethernet port, a pair of USB ports, mini VGA output, webcam and microSD card […]

New Sony VAIO P To Begin Shipping A Week Early
Have you been waiting to get your hands on the latest Sony VAIO P that was unveiled a short while ago? If you’re the impatient type, there’s some good news for you, as the notebook that went up for pre-order on June 8th will begin shipping tomorrow, a whole week earlier than was originally promised. The new shipping dates mean that four of the five colors will be shipping tomorrow, […]

HP Envy 17 Begins To Ship
Do you remember the cool looking HP Envy 17 that was announced a short while ago? If you’ve been disciplined enough to be saving your pennies, you’re now able to pick up this large-screen laptop, with the base price of it going for $1,399. Of course, the juicier the specs, the fatter HP’s wallet will become, so make sure you know what you’re selecting before charging your credit card. As […]