AnyBots QBThe telepresence business robots what we first reported on during the middle of last year are finally making its way to customers worldwide. AnyBots, creator of the QB telepresence robots have announced that customers who have pre-ordered the QB will be receiving their orders this week and customers who purchase them today will receive them in March. The AnyBots QB is a robot that allows you to attend meetings and work remotely through a simple web interface. With a Segway like body that allows it to get around easily and high definition cameras for you to “see” with, you can be sure that your presence will be felt in the office/workplace where the QB is, while you could be miles away on vacation or attending an important event. The AnyBots QB can last for 8 hours before it needs a recharge – plenty of juice to get it through the day before you retire it for the next day.

The Anybots telepresence business robot will ship with new features:

  • High definition zoom
  • Seamless roaming on wireless
  • Two-way streaming video
  • Touchscreen enabled Wi-Fi configuration

Anybots also feature:

  • High quality audio and clear, stabilized-video (five megapixel high-resolution video camera) for a great interactive experience
  • Two wheels so it can run at 3.5 mph to keep up with groups of people and provide a safe way to get around that prevents damage to walls and other objects
  • Collision avoidance technology that guides the Anybot around obstacles, such as doors
  • A lightweight design (35 pounds) to be easily pushed, carried or adjusted to fit in a car seat
  • A professional and friendly appearance so people pay attention and take you seriously
  • Easy and inexpensive installation, all you need is Wi-Fi and a computer (currently available on the Mac and PC-compatible at the end of February)
  • The ability to sit in a corner when idle and charge
  • Sharing capabilities so it can be used by company users at a time
  • Eight hours of battery life and support for 802.11n Wi-Fi

If you’re interested in getting one of these useful robots for yourself, head over here. The AnyBots QB retail at $15,000 each.

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