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Airbus And Siemens To Work On Electrically-Powered Planes
For the most part the majority of consumer flights these days are done using planes that consume fuel. However according to a report from Reuters, it seems that both Airbus and Siemens have announced that they will be working together to create electrically-powered planes, with the goal being that by 2030, they will have built small planes that could be partially powered by electricity.

Siemens’ Electric Aircraft Motor Is Very Capable
Ah, the wonders of science never ceases to amaze me, as new developments as well as improvements on old ones continue to propel mankind forward. Siemens has achieved something interesting this time around, where their world-record electric aircraft motor packs quite a punch to function a whole lot more than what an aircraft motor of its supposed class is able to do.

Siemens Unveils Smart Hearing Aids
[CES 2015] Hearing aids aren’t exactly a new piece of technology and have been around for quite a while now. However over the years thanks to the breakthroughs in technology, companies have been able to create more sophisticated and more advanced hearing aids. Well over at CES 2015, Siemens has taken the wraps off their latest hearing aid.Dubbed smart hearing aids, Siemens is boasting that their creation is able to […]

Electric-Powered Car Ferry To Sail In Norway By 2015
German multinational conglomerate, Siemens, is working with Norwegian shipyard Fjellstrand to develop the world’s first electric-powered car ferry. The 80-meter ferry is designed to carry around 20 cars and 360 passengers. Siemens and Fjellstrand expects the ferry to be fully operational by 2015, where it will be used to replace the current vessel serving the route that is linking the Norwegian villages of Lavik and Oppedal. The huge benefit here […]


Siemens' eHighway technology powers trucks with electric lines over the road
Siemens has announced its eHighway concept this week at the Electric Vehicle Symposium in Los Angeles. Its new eHighway concept involves trucks powered by electricity from electric lines over the road. Siemens believes that the majority of pollution we have these days come from big diesel trucks transporting goods over many freeway and highway miles. Siemens claims that its eHighway concept will minimize air pollution by eliminating tailpipe pollution from […]

Siemens showcases iPad-controlled homeConnect appliances
HP once expressed their desire to see webOS make its way to household appliances, but given that they recently announced they would be discontinuing their webOS tablets and smartphones, we’re not sure if that particular vision of theirs is still on track. However it looks like Siemens has something similar in mind with their iPad-controlled homeConnect appliances.

Siemens has new Aquaris hearing aids
Siemens intends to usher in a new era of hearing aids with their Aquaris system, touted by the company to be the first waterproof, dustproof, and shock-resistant hearing aid of its kind. The Aquaris will utilize Siemens’ BestSound algorithms which have been quite effective at improving sound quality in previous hearing aids, while making sure it conforms to the internationally recognized IP57 standard for dust and water resistance. The housing […]

Siemens introduces the iMini: the tiny hearing aid
Siemens Hearing Instruments has just introduced a new hearing aid, called the iMini, a custom made hearing aid that is extremely tiny and effective. The iMini digital hearing aid is placed deep into the bendable, cartilaginous portion of the ear canal where it does its job in amplifying the noise of your surroundings, while staying hidden from sight. So for those of you who don’t like the idea of a […]

Siemens gas-sensor device to predict asthma attacks
Siemens has developed a sensor that can warn users of constricted airways a day before asthma attacks occur. The sensor works by measuring the level of nitrogen monoxide (NO) on a patient’s breath to find out if their bronchial tubes have been inflamed. Usually inflammation happens long before an attack, and knowing when it will happen is half the battle won. Patients can then go to hospitals for the appropriate […]

Siemens miniTek Streams Audio To Hearing Aids Via Bluetooth
Siemens has come up with its miniTek which is a tiny black box that works with folks who use Siemens hearing aids. The setup is rather simple, as you’ll just need to hook the transmitter up to your traditional TV, stereo, phone, music player, or PC via Bluetooth or 3.5mm jack, after which the device will be able to wirelessly stream stereo audio for up to five hours at one […]

Nokia Siemens Networks doubles GSM capacity
The wonders of modern technology – that’s what we’re marveling about with Nokia Siemens Networks’ most recent effort which actually doubles GSM capacity thanks to a technology known as “Dynamic Frequency and Channel Allocation” (DFCA). Although Japan is phasing out GSM totally, several countries in Europe are giving permission to local operators to use what was once spectrum reserved for GSM, where it has been refarmed for 3G use. Apart […]

Wireless data transfer record smashed
Siemens now holds the world record of having the fastest wireless data transfer after breaking their previous efforts, hitting a whopping 500 Mbps using white LED light. Researchers at Siemens relied on 500 light intensity fluctuations per second that are readable by a photodetector receiver, and is well capable of transmitting data over longer distances at a rate of 100 Mbps. Known as Visible Light Communication, this type of data […]