Siemens iMiniSiemens Hearing Instruments has just introduced a new hearing aid, called the iMini, a custom made hearing aid that is extremely tiny and effective. The iMini digital hearing aid is placed deep into the bendable, cartilaginous portion of the ear canal where it does its job in amplifying the noise of your surroundings, while staying hidden from sight. So for those of you who don’t like the idea of a hearing aid being visible, the iMini is right up your alley. Assembled, shaped and finished by hand, these iMini hearing aids are designed specifically for the person they were meant for, so no two iMini ear pieces are the same. Besides the shape of the device, the settings of the amplifier are also personalized according to the wearer. With Siemens BestSound Technology, FeedbackStopper and SoundSmoothing – users are ensured nothing but the best quality hearing assistance they can get from Siemens. Users can also select from up to 12 different colors to personalize the look of the hearing aids. The iMini is now available in the US, head here for more details.

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