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Opera Purchases Skyfire, Expands Mobile Web Browser Capability
You can say that the folks behind the Opera web browser have been kept pretty busy, where they recently announced that they will no longer support the Presto rendering engine, having decided to uproot and make a move over to Webkit. Now, we have news that they will fork out a whopping $155 million in order to pick up rival browser maker Skyfire. Similar to Opera in some ways, Skyfire […]

Skyfire HotSwap for iPad features individual user settings to browser
Skyfire, one of the most popular browser app on the App Store, is getting Skyfire HotSwap, a new feature that gives Skyfire the ability to handle individual user accounts. This could be very important for family members who share a single iPad device. With Skyfire HotSwap, each person can get their own browser account and personal preferences. ” Bookmarks, history, open tabs, social network logins like Facebook and Twitter, email accounts like […]

Skyfire releases VideoQ app for iOS
We all know Apple’s relationship with Flash, and it was no surprise when the company officially mentioned that they didn’t want to support Flash in iOS. Well short of jailbreaking, there was really no way to watch Flash videos on your iOS device if there wasn’t a HTML5 version of the Flash video available. Until Skyfire came along.Skyfire, the folks that brought you the Skyfire browser on the iOS; an […]

New York Post Website Blocks iPad's Safari
Are you an avid reader of the New York Post? Do you frequently access their website through your iPad? If you do you might be in for a rude shock as it appears that the New York Post has blocked access to their website if you are using Safari on your iPad. Prior to this the website would display an ad promoting their app but at the same time they […]


Skyfire for iPad now available for $4.99
Skyfire has made a name for itself by offering Flash to places where this plug-in does not work on the normal plane of existence. While an iPhone and iPod touch Skyfire app is already available, how about those who own iPads? Skyfire for the iPad is now officially available, although it will set you back by $4.99 a pop. Guess Apple has finally given their nod of approval for this […]

Skyfire Browser For iPad On The Way, Flash Videos Anyone?
Getting Flash on Apple’s iPad is always something of a touchy subject, depending on which side of the camp that you’re on. If you’ve been yearning for access to Flash videos on your iPad’s fancy display, the good news is that the Skyfire mobile browser will be arriving on the tablet soon, complete with its useful Flash transcoding capabilities. It should have the same functionality as the iPhone version, though […]

Skyfire 3.0.1 now supports SD memory cards
Never mind if the Android Market software on your phone isn’t updated just yet, it should still be able to offer the latest version of Skyfire – that is, version 3.0.1. As with the release of any new application updates, you can expect this to come with a slew of new features and numerous bug fixes. Not only that, one of the more interesting aspects would be support for the […]

Which Android browser is the fastest?
Since Android is an open platform, it makes perfect sense to have a plethora of browsers available on it. This has resulted in the Android Market carrying a fair number of Web browsers, where each of them has their own strengths as well as individual set of weaknesses. One question that should be on the mind of most people – just how fast is the browser that I’m currently using? […]

Skyfire Congratulates Opera, Planning Its Own iPhone Browser?
The folks behind the popular Windows Mobile and Symbian browser, Skyfire, have written a blog post congratulating Opera on its recent success on getting Opera Mini available for the iPhone via the App Store. The company stopped short of actually confirming that they plan to work on a Skyfire browser for the iPhone, but it did mention that they have been watching the Opera submission on the iPhone/iPad closely, and […]