Are you an avid reader of the New York Post? Do you frequently access their website through your iPad? If you do you might be in for a rude shock as it appears that the New York Post has blocked access to their website if you are using Safari on your iPad. Prior to this the website would display an ad promoting their app but at the same time they gave you the option of proceeding to their website as per normal but now it looks like they want you to download their app and subscribe to their newspaper.

As it stands the subscription for iPad users will cost them $6.99 per month, $39.99 for sixth months and $79.99 for a year’s subscription with no option of purchasing single issues. If you’d still like to access their website the good news is that the block is only limited to Safari but users on alternative browsers such as Skyfire or Opera Mini should have no trouble opening the website although it’s unclear whether the New York Post will be making a move to block those browsers too, but for now it looks like it’s just limited to Safari.

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