Which Android browser is the fastest?

Since Android is an open platform, it makes perfect sense to have a plethora of browsers available on it. This has resulted in the Android Market carrying a fair number of Web browsers, where each of them has their own strengths as well as individual set of weaknesses. One question that should be on the mind of most people – just how fast is the browser that I’m currently using? Among the more popular Android Web browsers pitted against one another would be Skyfire, Opera Mini, Dolphin HD, Fennec Alpha, Android 2.2 Stock and Android 2.1 Stock. Skyfire 2.0 seemed to be the fastest under test conditions as you can see above, while Android 2.2’s stock browser ain’t too shabby either, presumably thanks to its Just In Time compiling feature. We say install all the Web browsers available so that you will always have different options available when surfing.

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