Asus Transformer Prime has origami-like smart cover

There is one thing that you really need to hand it to the folks over at Apple – they are clearly pacesetters in recent years when it comes to hardware design as well as ease of use in their software. I mean, give any grandpa or grandma an Android-powered phone and they might ditch it after a day’s use in frustration, but hand them an iPhone, and surely they won’t […]

ASUS Transformer Prime accessory shows up on Amazon Germany

The ASUS Transformer Prime tablet has yet to be launched, but if you’re looking to start checking out new accessories before the tablet arrives on your doorstep, you might be interested in taking a look at this Origami-like smart cover accessory for the ASUS Transformer Prime.

Knock off Smart Cover only costs $6

Own an iPad 2 and love the smart cover, but don’t see yourself spending the $39 needed just to get one? Well, the next time in China, you might want to look out for a Smart Cover knock off from a company named PBPEI. The folks over at recently got their hands on the imitation iPad 2 accessory, and were surprised at how well it worked. In fact, the […]

Apple updates iPad 2 Smart Covers

We know there are certain users who there who are extremely particular about their gadgets, such as color of accessories and whether they match with their wallpaper and etc. Well the good news is that Apple has decided to go with consistency and has updated their line of Smart Covers for the iPad 2, losing and adding a new color along with some minor changes that make it look more […]


Smart Cover unlock trick for iPad 2

The Smart Cover might not be so smart after all, and Steve Jobs might be rolling in his grave should he hear of a security flaw with his beloved iPad 2 – it seems that all it takes to unlock the iPad 2 without having to know the passcode would be a Smart Cover. Apparently, this case that sports magnets is capable of accessing a bunch of the tablet’s subsystems […]

Visture V1 Android tablet looks like an iPad

Visture, a Shenzen-based company has announced the launch of a new Android tablet called the Visture V1. Packing looks similar to the Apple iPad, it even carriers similar specs: a 9.7″ 1024 x 768 display, 10-hour battery life, Cortex A9 CPU, 3G and WiFi versions, front and rear cameras, a microSD card slot, Bluetooth, Android 2.3, and GPS (on the 3G model). And if looking like and packing similar specs […]

iPhone 5 concept with Smart Cover

The Smart Cover for the iPad 2 is a rather ingenious creation. If you can ignore the fact that it fails to protect the back of your iPad 2 from scratches, it does a pretty good job at protecting the screen (which is probably more important) of your iPad 2, doubling up as a stand and all of this while remaining fairly thin and unobstructive. But have you ever wondered […]

Smart Armor protects the iPad 2 with style

Despite being extremely versatile, one of the caveats of using the Smart Cover for the iPad 2 is its incompatibility with a number of cases for the iPad 2. Most of the time it was either a choice of keeping your iPad 2 shielded from behind or in front but not both at once. Now there are a lot more Smart Cover-friendly cases on the market but that means spending […]

Hammerhead Hard Shell Case protects your iPad 2’s front and back

The iPad 2 may be a wonderful device, but that doesn’t mean that it’s immune to physical damage. No matter how well you treat the device, it’s bound to get damaged one way or another – if you don’t have any protection. While some people opt to keep the front safe with the use of Smart Covers, the back of the iPad 2 is often left neglected and unprotected. Well, […]

21 magnets discovered inside the iPad 2 Smart Cover

If you’ve purchased an iPad 2 last week, you probably would’ve gotten a Smart Cover for the device as well. If I’m not mistaken when you played around with the cover, you’ve probably wondered – why is the Smart Cover is so smart? The folks at iFixit gave it a well-deserved teardown and discovered why it works so well. The Smart Cover packs a whopping total of 21 magnets within […]

Smart Cover goes green

So you own an iPhone, and want to make sure it remains in pristine condition most of the time through everyday travels. What do you do then? Get the Smart Cover, as this special charging case offers your iPhone or compatible iPod the ability to gain extra bits of juice on your travels for free thanks to a built-in solar panel behind. When fully charged, it supposedly dispenses up to […]