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Apple Patent Describes Smart Cover With Built-in LEDs
Apple’s iPad Smart Cover has always been a pretty minimalistic and simple affair. It’s essentially a cover with magnets that helps protect your iPad’s screen, turns it on/off when open/closed. That’s pretty much all it does so if you were after something simple and clean, the Smart Cover could be what you’re after.However it seems that in a patent filed by Apple and discovered by Apple Insider, it looks like […]

iPad 5 May Get A Keyboard Smart Cover Of Its Own [Rumor]
We’re just a little over 24 hours until Apple takes the stage for their “a lot to cover” event, where many people are expecting the company to announce a new iPad or two. As you’d expect with 24 hours left until a big Apple announcement, rumors have been circulating at an increased rate. We recently saw images of what looked to be the iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 covered in gold, […]

Apple Might Unveil New Smart Cover With iPad 5
Time and again we’ve heard that Apple is going to announce the iPad 5 soon. Its plausible, the timing is just about right for a new iPad to hit the market, though no one knows right now exactly when the company intends on making the announcement. A recent analyst prediction suggests that new Smart Cover may also be announced with the iPad 5. This is plausible as well, given the […]

The Smart Cargo Is An Accessory For The iPad's Smart Cover
We’re sure there are users out there who bring with them many accessories when they take their tablets out with them. This includes earphones, charging cables, card readers, a stylus and what not, but unless you’re carrying a bag or don’t mind stuffing all of that into your pocket, what alternatives do you have out there? Well Dotan Saguy might have the answer for you in the form of the […]


Smart Cover Magnets Can Apparently Disable Implanted Defibrillators
If you know someone who has an implanted defibrillator, you might want to caution them because according to a finding by a 14-year old by the name of Gianna Chien, it seems that the magnets used in Apple’s Smart Cover for the iPad can apparently turn off implanted defibrillators if the device is left on the user’s chest, which we guess is a likely situation when the person falls asleep […]

Apple Patent Suggests Using Smart Cover As A Wireless Charging Pad
Wouldn’t it be awesome if Apple’s Smart Cover could double up as a wireless charging pad for iPhones? We’re not sure how many of you guys actually thought about that, but it seems that in a recently discovered patent, Apple might have toyed with that idea. According to the patent, it reads, “A method for wireless powering a tablet device, comprising: determining if a protective cover is in a closed […]

iPhone 5 Smart Cover concept looks pretty good
We’re sure that many of you are familiar with Apple’s Smart Covers for the iPad and iPad mini, but what do you think about a Smart Cover designed for the iPhone? It’s certainly not a new concept but if you’re wondering what it could look like, designer Adrien Olczak has come up with a concept Smart Cover for the iPhone 5 and well, we have to say that it looks […]

Apple files patent for an enhanced Smart Cover with flexible display
Apple’s Smart Cover for the iPad not only protects the display from scratches, but will also double up as a stand to prop up the device. If you thought the two-in-one feature was pretty awesome, a patent discovered by the folks at Engadget reveals a Smart Cover patent filed by Apple that would take the Smart Cover a step further. According to the patent, Apple believes that by building a […]

Apple's iPad Smart Covers reportedly rake in $500 million every quarter
Ever wondered just how much manufacturers make from selling cases and sleeves and protective coverings for your mobile devices? While we’re not sure how much other manufacturers are making, it seems that according to Richard Kramer, the managing director of Arete Research, Apple is raking in an impressive $500 million every quarter from the sales of its iPad Smart Cover alone! Speaking at the Open Mobile Summit in London, Kramer […]

Man sues Apple for alleged patent infringement over the Smart Cover
Apple was recently granted the patent application for its series of Smart Covers for the company’s iPads. Unfortunately it seems that one particular resident in Colorado believes that Apple’s Smart Cover violates his patent which was filed for in 2003 and published in 2005. His particular patent calls for a “portable computer case” as pictured above, and is described as:

Rocketfish's prism shaped speakers will fit the iPad's Smart Cover nicely
If you’re interested in getting yourself a pair of portable speakers for your iPad, these prism shaped speakers by Rocketfish might just do the trick in an admittedly pretty clever design as well. As you can see, the speakers feature a prism shape that will not only allow you to prop up your iPad, but it also appears that thanks to its design, these speakers will allow users to slip […]

Coffee stained Smart Cover looks pretty good
If you’ve gone and purchased yourself one of Apple’s leather Smart Covers for your iPad, here is an interesting project that you might be interested in trying that could result in a wonderful smelling Smart Cover, but one that’s completely unique in its design. This process was actually accidentally discovered by Two Lives Left developer, Simeon Nasilowski who discovered that his tanned leather Smart Cover was getting darker on the […]

New iPads don't play well with Apple's Smart Covers
So you’ve just bought yourself a new iPad, and you may have gotten your hands on Apple’s Smart Cover for the iPad because according to Apple, the Smart Covers initially designed for the iPad 2 should have no problems with the third-generation iPad, but apparently that is not the case. There have been several complaints in the Apple support forums that are filled with users claiming that the Smart Covers […]

New Smart Cover to launch with iPad 3?
The iPad 2 launched last year with an interesting front cover for the tablet – the versatile Smart Cover which could be used to make your iPad stand on its own, or protect the front of the screen when it’s not in use. Well, according to rumors online, Apple will be continuing the trend by releasing a new Smart Cover designed for the iPad 3. The new Smart Cover is […]