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Sonos AirPlay 2 Support Arrives Via Software Update
The latest Sonos speakers are receiving a new software update today which adds AirPlay 2 support. The speakers that are receiving this update today will be able to let iOS users select the speakers that they want music to be played through, taking advantage of the new multi-room audio support.

Sonos Confirms $100 Million IPO Plans
It has been reported for a while now that Sonos has been thinking about going public and the company has officially confirmed that now. The company had filed the required paperwork with the SEC back in April this year and it has now officially filed for a $100 million initial public offering. Sonos is one of the leading audio companies in the market, having been founded less than two decades […]

Sonos Open To The Idea Of Integrating Siri Into Its Speakers
We know that Sonos has integrated Alexa into its speakers and that’s largely thanks to Amazon who decided right out of the gate that they would make Alexa available to third-party developers and companies. However not everyone likes or wants to use Alexa as some might prefer Google Assistant or even Siri.

IKEA Teases Symfonisk Smart Speaker In Collaboration With Sonos
IKEA, everyone’s favorite Swedish furniture maker, has been keeping up with the times in the past few years where they have been following certain tech trends and attempting to incorporate them into their lineup. For example we saw the company create wireless chargers and build them into furnitures, then we also saw IKEA launch their own series of smart light bulbs.


Sonos Beam Smart Speaker Announced
We’re attending a Sonos special event in San Francisco at which the new Sonos Beam smart soundbar speaker. The smart speaker will be powered by Amazon’s Alexa voice control for now (you need an Alexa Fire TV box), but it can/will gain support for more voice assistants. No timeline has been shared for that yet.

Sonos Unveils A Bunch Of Speaker Bundles For Sale
One of the advantages/features of Sonos’ speaker system is that users can connect multiple units together wirelessly to create a multiroom effect minus all the wires. Of course this would involve users having to buy multiple units, but if you’re totally fine with that, Sonos might have some offers for you.

Sonos May Announce New Hardware At June 6th Event
Sonos today sent out invites to the press for an event that it’s going to host in June. The company hasn’t really revealed what it’s going to announce at this event but chances are that it’s going to treat us to some new hardware. The image in the event invite doesn’t give much away but suggests that it may have a home theater-like product up its sleeve.

Sonos Could Be Working On A Smart Home Theater Speaker System
Many are probably familiar with Sonos and their wireless speaker systems that let users link up multiple speakers together for a multiroom effect, and also let them stream from music services like Spotify directly. However Sonos could be branching out because in a report from Variety, an FCC filing has hinted at the company’s plans for a smart home theater system.

Sonos Confirms Only Its Newer Speakers Will Support AirPlay 2
Back in October, Sonos announced that they would be supporting AirPlay 2 but were shy on some of the details, such as which speakers might be compatible with it. Now according to a report from The Mac Observer (via Engadget), it seems that only newer Sonos speakers will support it.

Sonos To Also (Temporarily) Pull Their Ads From Social Media
Due to Facebook’s recent privacy gaffe, companies such as Mozilla have decided to pull their ads from the platform. It looks like Mozilla is not alone in this because in an announcement by Sonos, it seems that the audio company has also decided to take their ads down from the likes of Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Instagram.

Audible Back On Sonos Once Again
Sonos mistakenly published a blog post a couple of weeks ago announcing that Audible support had finally arrived. The company quickly took down the post and confirmed that it was working on the feature and that it would arrive soon. That day is today. Sonos has officially announced that Audible is now supported, no more take backs.

Sonos Audible Support Is Finally Here
Audible is a widely used audiobook service that for some odd reason wasn’t supported on Sonos but that’s finally changing today. The company has confirmed today that Sonos audible support is finally here. This means that users with Sonos smart speakers will now be able to listen to audiobooks from Audible. For those who don’t know, Audible is an audiobook service owned by Amazon.

Blind Listening Test Finds Sonos One Outperforms The HomePod
So far based on current reviews, many have found that the HomePod speakers from Apple sound pretty good and could possibly be the best in the market right now, at least as far as smart speakers are concerned. However a recent report from Consumer Reports is suggesting otherwise, but are they alone in their opinion?

Consumer Reports Claims Sonos One, Google Home Max Sound Better Than HomePod
If you were to fire up any review of the HomePod at the moment, many are in agreement of Apple’s claims of a set of great sounding speakers, and that for the most part it sounds better than some of the competition out there, namely the Sonos One and Google Home Max. However at least one review doesn’t think so, and that is the review from Consumer Reports.